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How to pronounce discontinued (audio)

Dictionary definition of discontinued

Having been ceased or halted, typically in terms of production, availability, or support.
"The software developer discontinued support for the outdated operating system."

Detailed meaning of discontinued

When a product, service, or activity is discontinued, it means that it is no longer being produced, offered, or sustained. This cessation can be intentional, resulting from a decision made by the manufacturer, provider, or organizer, or it can be due to other factors such as low demand or obsolescence. The adjective "discontinued" implies that the item or activity in question is no longer actively maintained, supplied, or continued. It suggests that the discontinuation is permanent, indicating that there are no plans for its revival or reintroduction in the foreseeable future. This term is commonly used in business and consumer contexts, where companies may discontinue certain products or services due to various reasons, such as shifting market trends, outdated technology, or cost considerations.

Example sentences containing discontinued

1. The company announced that the popular smartphone model would be discontinued.
2. Due to low sales, the clothing brand decided to discontinue its entire winter collection.
3. The manufacturer discontinued the production of the old model and introduced a new and improved version.
4. The supermarket discontinued stocking the niche product due to limited customer demand.
5. The airline discontinued its route to the remote island due to logistical challenges.
6. The toy manufacturer decided to discontinue the production of a particular toy due to safety concerns.

History and etymology of discontinued

The adjective 'discontinued' is derived from the verb 'discontinue,' which consists of the prefix 'dis-' and 'continue.' The prefix 'dis-' comes from Old French and signifies negation or reversal, while 'continue' is rooted in the Latin 'continuare,' meaning 'to make continuous' or 'to extend.' In its etymology, 'discontinued' conveys the idea of negating or reversing the state of continuity or extension. It describes something that has been ceased or halted, typically in terms of production, availability, or support. The term underscores the act of discontinuing or putting an end to a particular process or activity, highlighting the cessation or interruption of a previously ongoing endeavor or service.

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Further usage examples of discontinued

1. The discontinued item became highly sought after by collectors.
2. The magazine announced that it would be discontinued after decades of publication.
3. The company faced backlash when it discontinued a beloved flavor of ice cream.
4. The streaming service discontinued several TV shows in its catalog due to licensing issues.
5. The bookstore held a clearance sale to sell off the discontinued books.
6. The company discontinued the old product due to low demand.
7. My favorite snack was discontinued, leaving me disappointed.
8. They discontinued the software, making it obsolete.
9. The discontinued model is now a collector's item.
10. The airline discontinued that route, causing inconvenience.
11. The bookstore discontinued the magazine section.
12. The discontinued service left customers searching for alternatives.
13. She was upset when they discontinued her favorite TV show.
14. The company discontinued its support for the outdated software.
15. They discontinued the production of the classic car.
16. The discontinued item is no longer available in stores.
17. The discontinued line of clothing became a fashion legend.
18. He regretted not buying the discontinued toy.
19. The restaurant discontinued the popular dish.
20. The manufacturer discontinued the faulty product.
21. They discontinued the free trial of the software.
22. The discontinued perfume still has a loyal following.
23. The discontinued app no longer receives updates.
24. The discontinued phone model is hard to find.
25. The discontinued policy caused confusion among employees.



halted, continued, maintained, sustained


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