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prudent, indiscreet, imprudent, reckless


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How to pronounce discreet (audio)


Dictionary definition of discreet

Careful and circumspect in one's behavior, particularly when dealing with confidential or sensitive information.
"The spy was discreet in his movements to avoid detection."

Detailed meaning of discreet

A discreet person is one who is able to keep secrets and maintain privacy, without drawing attention to themselves or the situation at hand. They are adept at avoiding gossip or speculation and are trusted to handle delicate matters with tact and discretion. The adjective is often used to describe professional relationships, where discretion is a valued trait, such as in healthcare, law, or diplomacy. In personal relationships, someone who is discreet might be seen as trustworthy and respectful, as they are able to maintain confidentiality and protect the privacy of those around them. Overall, the adjective "discreet" conveys a sense of sensitivity, tact, and the ability to navigate complex situations with grace and professionalism.

Example sentences containing discreet

1. She's known for her discreet handling of private matters.
2. A discreet approach is vital in diplomatic negotiations.
3. He gave a discreet nod to signal the plan was in motion.
4. The lawyer maintained a discreet silence during the trial.
5. Discreet packaging ensured the gift remained a surprise.
6. Discreet inquiries led to the discovery of the truth.

History and etymology of discreet

The adjective 'discreet' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'discretus,' which is the past participle of 'discernere,' meaning 'to separate' or 'to distinguish.' In Latin, 'discretus' referred to something that had been set apart or separated from others, often implying a sense of careful distinction. Over time, 'discreet' evolved to describe someone who is careful and circumspect in their behavior, particularly when dealing with confidential or sensitive information. This etymology underscores the idea of making careful distinctions and maintaining separation, which is fundamental to the concept of being discreet and prudent in one's actions, especially in matters that require confidentiality and discretion.

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Further usage examples of discreet

1. The waiter provided discreet service throughout the meal.
2. Discreet whispers filled the room during the secret meeting.
3. A discreet exit was their only way out of the building.
4. Discreet diplomacy is crucial in delicate international relations.
5. She handled the confidential documents with discreet care.
6. The discreet investigation uncovered shocking revelations.
7. He preferred to keep his personal life discreet.
8. Their discreet rendezvous went unnoticed by others.
9. A discreet change in strategy led to success.
10. She offered a discreet word of encouragement.
11. Discreet surveillance helped solve the case.
12. Discreet inquiries were made to protect their privacy.
13. He made a discreet exit from the crowded party.
14. The discreet approach to the situation kept tensions low.
15. The lawyer was discreet when discussing his client's case.
16. She gave him a discreet nod to let him know the meeting was confidential.
17. The therapist was always discreet with her patients' personal information.
18. He was discreet in his criticism of the boss's decision.
19. The doctor was discreet when discussing the patient's health condition.
20. She wore a discreet piece of jewelry that symbolized her faith.
21. The hotel staff was discreet when entering guests' rooms for housekeeping.
22. The celebrity requested that her visit to the hospital be kept discreet.
23. He chose a discreet location for the meeting to avoid any unwanted attention.
24. The businessman was discreet in his negotiations to avoid arousing suspicion.
25. She was discreet when discussing her friend's personal issues with others.

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