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wary, impulsive, rash, heedless



How to pronounce cautious (audio)

Dictionary definition of cautious

Characteristic of being careful, attentive, and vigilant in one's actions, decisions, or approach to a situation.
"The cautious investor carefully analyzed the market before making any decisions."

Detailed meaning of cautious

When someone is cautious, they exercise prudence and take calculated steps to prevent mistakes, accidents, or undesirable outcomes. It conveys a sense of wariness and reluctance to take unnecessary risks. Being cautious involves carefully considering the potential consequences, evaluating the available information, and making well-thought-out choices. Cautious individuals exhibit a heightened awareness of their surroundings, anticipating potential dangers, and taking appropriate measures to mitigate them. They prioritize safety, gather sufficient knowledge, and proceed with measured deliberation. The adjective 'cautious' signifies a thoughtful and measured demeanor, often rooted in a desire to avoid harm, maintain stability, or preserve well-being. It is a valuable trait in various domains, such as personal relationships, financial matters, professional environments, and other situations where prudence and carefulness are essential for success and security.

Example sentences of cautious

1. He approached the edge of the cliff with cautious steps.
2. The driver cautiously merged into the busy highway.
3. She took a cautious approach to investing her savings.
4. The hiker navigated the treacherous terrain with cautious movements.
5. The team proceeded with cautious optimism after their recent setbacks.
6. The child took cautious steps as they learned to walk.

History and etymology of cautious

The adjective 'cautious' has its origins in the Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word 'cautiosus,' which is an adjective form of 'cavere,' meaning 'to be on guard' or 'to take heed.' 'Cautious' thus reflects the characteristic of being careful, attentive, and vigilant in one's actions, decisions, or approach to a situation. It embodies the quality of being watchful and protective, emphasizing the importance of taking precautions to avoid potential danger, harm, or mistakes. The etymology of 'cautious' underscores the idea that a cautious person is one who exercises prudence and foresight, reflecting a thoughtful and careful manner in navigating the challenges and uncertainties of life.

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Further usage examples of cautious

1. The cautious driver always obeys traffic rules and signals.
2. He gave a cautious response, not wanting to commit without further information.
3. The cautious swimmer stayed close to the shore in unfamiliar waters.
4. The cautious traveler packed a first-aid kit and emergency supplies for their journey.
5. The cautious approach paid off as they successfully avoided potential pitfalls.
6. She took a cautious approach to the risky venture.
7. A cautious driver always observes the speed limit.
8. His cautious demeanor earned him the trust of many.
9. Cautious investors often fare better in turbulent markets.
10. A cautious response can de-escalate tense situations.
11. The team adopted a cautious strategy for the game.
12. Being cautious in unfamiliar places is wise.
13. The cautious hiker packed emergency supplies.
14. A cautious evaluation revealed hidden flaws.
15. Cautious planning can mitigate unforeseen challenges.
16. The cautious student double-checked his answers.
17. A cautious captain ensures a safe voyage.
18. Cautious shoppers compare prices before buying.
19. The cautious approach saved them from making mistakes.
20. Cautious leaders weigh all options before deciding.
21. A cautious exploration of the cave was undertaken.
22. The cautious decision led to a successful outcome.
23. She gave a cautious smile in response to the news.
24. Cautious preparations were made for the storm.
25. In uncertain times, a cautious outlook is prudent.


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