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How to pronounce disrepute (audio)


Dictionary definition of disrepute

The state of being held in low regard or having a bad reputation.
"His public tirades are bringing the club into disrepute."

Detailed meaning of disrepute

It can describe a person or thing that is not respected or held in high regard, and that is often seen as disreputable or unworthy of respect. Disrepute can also describe a situation or condition that is not considered good or acceptable, and that is often seen as disgraceful or shameful. The term can be used to describe a lack of respect or a negative reputation, and can have negative consequences for a person or thing. In general, disrepute refers to a state of being held in low regard or having a bad reputation.

Example sentences containing disrepute

1. The company's financial scandals brought it into disrepute.
2. His fraudulent activities plunged him into disrepute.
3. The once-respected brand now languished in disrepute.
4. The politician's scandalous behavior tarnished his disrepute.
5. The organization's ethical lapses resulted in widespread disrepute.
6. Public figures must be cautious to avoid disrepute.

History and etymology of disrepute

The noun 'disrepute' traces its etymological origins to the Latin word 'reputare,' which means 'to think over' or 'to reckon.' In the context of reputation, 'reputare' referred to the process of considering or evaluating someone's character or standing. The prefix 'dis-' in 'disrepute' adds a negative connotation, indicating the opposite of a good or favorable reputation. Therefore, 'disrepute' describes the state of being held in low regard or having a bad reputation. Its etymology highlights the notion of a tarnished or diminished reputation, often resulting from negative actions, scandals, or behaviors that lead to a loss of public esteem or trust.

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Further usage examples of disrepute

1. The scandal had a lasting impact on their disrepute.
2. The celebrity's controversial remarks damaged their disrepute.
3. Years of misconduct finally caught up with him in disrepute.
4. Restoring one's reputation after falling into disrepute is a formidable challenge.
5. The company's unethical practices brought it into disrepute.
6. The politician's affair brought disrepute to their reputation.
7. The artist's controversial statements brought disrepute to their work.
8. The scientist's fraudulent research brought disrepute to their field.
9. The athlete's doping scandal brought disrepute to their sport.
10. The corporation's toxic waste dumping brought disrepute to their industry.
11. The school's failure to address bullying brought disrepute to its reputation.
12. The actor's reckless behavior brought disrepute to their career.
13. The organization's lack of transparency brought disrepute to its mission.
14. The university's admissions scandal brought disrepute to its academic reputation.
15. The government's corruption brought disrepute to its leadership.
16. The religion's extremist factions brought disrepute to their beliefs.
17. The business's deceptive marketing brought disrepute to its brand.
18. The nonprofit's embezzlement brought disrepute to its cause.
19. The individual's fraudulent activities brought disrepute to their personal reputation.

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