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How to pronounce odium (audio)

Dictionary definition of odium

The intense and widespread feeling of strong disapproval, aversion, or hatred directed towards a person, group, action, or concept.
"The politician's racist remarks drew widespread odium from the public."

Detailed meaning of odium

It signifies the deep-seated resentment and negative reputation that something has acquired due to its perceived offensiveness, repulsiveness, or unpopularity. Odium often arises from actions or behaviors that are considered morally reprehensible or socially unacceptable, leading to a collective disdain and a sense of contempt among individuals or within a community. It can also describe the lasting and powerful negative emotions that result from a significant betrayal, scandal, or wrongdoing, causing the subject to be shunned or vilified by others.

Example sentences containing odium

1. The politician's unethical actions earned him the odium of the entire nation.
2. The odium directed at the corrupt corporation led to widespread protests.
3. Despite his efforts to change, he couldn't escape the odium of his past mistakes.
4. The scandal brought upon the company resulted in public odium and financial loss.
5. Her divisive remarks only intensified the odium between different groups.
6. The criminal's heinous acts attracted the intense odium of the community.

History and etymology of odium

The noun 'odium' traces its origins to Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'odium,' which means 'hatred' or 'disgust.' In ancient Rome, 'odium' referred to the public's strong aversion or hatred toward someone or something. Over time, it evolved to signify the intense and widespread feeling of disapproval or hatred directed towards a person, group, action, or concept. 'Odium' is often associated with a deep-seated resentment or animosity that can lead to social or moral condemnation. It remains a term used to describe the powerful negative sentiment and contempt that can arise in response to actions or ideas perceived as offensive or morally repugnant.

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Further usage examples of odium

1. The odium surrounding the controversial decision caused a media frenzy.
2. His arrogant behavior garnered him the odium of his colleagues.
3. The film's offensive content led to public odium and calls for a boycott.
4. The manager's unfair treatment of employees ignited feelings of odium in the workplace.
5. The odium between the rival gangs escalated into a violent confrontation.
6. Despite their attempts at reconciliation, the odium between the families remained.
7. The writer's controversial opinions were met with both praise and odium.
8. The odium toward the dictator's regime was evident in the citizens' protests.
9. The celebrity's offensive remarks were met with widespread public odium.
10. The odium surrounding the scandalized preacher shook the congregation's faith.
11. The political leader's decision attracted international odium and criticism.
12. The odium directed at the fraudulent scheme led to legal repercussions.
13. The odium between the feuding neighbors had deep historical roots.
14. The artist's provocative artwork generated discussions filled with both admiration and odium.



contempt, admiration, esteem, respect


Conflict and Disagreement, Deterioration and Decline, Social Hierarchy and Relationships, Anger and Hatred

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