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How to pronounce divot (audio)

Dictionary definition of divot

A small piece of turf or earth that is displaced or removed from a surface, typically by a tool or foot.
"The golfer's divot was evidence of a well-struck shot."

Detailed meaning of divot

The term is most commonly used in reference to golf, where a divot is created when a golfer's club makes contact with the ground during a shot and a piece of grass and soil is lifted up. Divots can cause damage to the golf course and are considered a sign of poor golf etiquette, as golfers are expected to replace the divots and smooth over the affected area. The term "divot" is also used in other sports and activities that involve contact with the ground, such as football, soccer, or horse racing. In these contexts, a divot is a small depression or hole created in the surface by the impact of a foot or tool. Beyond sports, the term "divot" can also be used to describe any small piece of material that has been removed from a surface.

Example sentences containing divot

1. The golfer's swing left a deep divot in the fairway.
2. He tripped over a divot on the soccer field and twisted his ankle.
3. The groundskeeper filled in the divots on the tennis court to ensure a smooth surface.
4. The golfer carefully replaced the divot he had created after hitting the ball.
5. Walking across the lawn, she stumbled on a hidden divot and nearly fell.
6. The golf course requires players to repair any divots they make.

History and etymology of divot

The noun 'divot' has its origins in Scottish and Northern English dialects. It is believed to be derived from the Old English word 'dyfe,' which meant 'a small piece or slice.' Over time, this term evolved into the Scottish word 'divot,' which specifically referred to a small piece of turf or earth that was displaced or removed from the ground, often by a tool or foot. In the context of golf, for example, a divot is the result of a golf club striking the ground and lifting a small piece of turf. The word 'divot' has retained this meaning in modern English and is commonly used to describe such displaced or upturned pieces of turf or earth.

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Further usage examples of divot

1. The divot on the football field caused the player to stumble and lose his balance.
2. The rainstorm created numerous divots on the dirt road, making driving difficult.
3. The golfer's tee shot landed in a divot, impacting the trajectory of the ball.
4. He used a divot tool to repair the damaged grass on the putting green.
5. The divots on the baseball field made it challenging for the outfielders to field the ball cleanly.
6. She carefully avoided stepping on the divots left by the previous group of hikers.
7. The divots on the hiking trail caused uneven footing, making the trek more challenging.
8. The golfer's frustration was evident as he slammed his club into a divot.
9. The maintenance crew regularly aerates the lawn to prevent divots from forming.
10. The horse stumbled on a hidden divot in the field, throwing off its rider.
11. The golf course's groundskeeper was praised for keeping the fairways free of divots.
12. The runner's foot caught a divot in the track, causing her to stumble and lose precious seconds.
13. The golfers were reminded to repair divots and keep the course in good condition.
14. The divot left by the fallen tree stump created a hazard for cyclists on the trail.



indentation, flatness, smoothness, bulge


Ecological Diversity and Sustainability, Spatial Formations and Design, Shape and Form

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