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Definition of 'hollow'

Relating to a void or empty space within an object or structure.
"His words felt hollow and insincere, lacking any genuine emotion."

Detailed Meaning of 'hollow'

It describes something lacking substance or filled with air or nothingness. For example, a hollow tree trunk or a hollow chocolate bunny refers to the presence of an empty space inside. In a figurative sense, "hollow" can also describe something lacking depth, sincerity, or meaning. It suggests a superficial or insincere nature, as in hollow promises or hollow compliments. Another meaning of "hollow" pertains to a concave or sunken area, often describing a depression or indentation in a surface. For instance, a hollow in the ground or a hollow in one's cheek. Additionally, "hollow" can be used to characterize a low or dull sound, lacking resonance or fullness. It describes a sound that seems empty or lacking in richness. Lastly, "hollow" can function as a noun, referring to a small valley or a sunken area between hills or mountains.


Examples of 'hollow' in a Sentence

1. The old tree had a hollow trunk, providing a cozy home for small woodland creatures.
2. The hiker discovered a hidden hollow in the side of the cliff, offering shelter from the rain.
3. The empty room echoed with a hollow silence, devoid of furniture or decoration.
4. She gazed into his hollow eyes, filled with sadness and longing.
5. The hollow sound of footsteps echoed through the empty hallway.
6. The hollow victory left a bitter taste in their mouths, as they realized the true cost of their actions.

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Origins & Etymology of 'hollow'

The adjective 'hollow' has its origins in Middle English, where it was spelled as 'holwe' or 'hul,' and it can be traced back to the Old English word 'holh,' which meant 'a hollow place' or 'a cavity.' The roots of 'holh' can be found in the Proto-Germanic word 'hulwaz,' signifying 'a depression' or 'a pit.' The concept of 'hollow' relates to a void or empty space within an object or structure, and its etymology underscores the notion of an interior space that lacks substance or solidity. Whether it's describing a hollow tree, a hollow sound, or a hollow feeling, the term 'hollow' highlights the presence of an empty or voided area within a larger context.


How to pronounce hollow (audio)


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