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How to pronounce domestic (audio)

Dictionary definition of domestic

Related to or associated with the home, household, or family affairs.
"I prefer to spend my weekends engaged in domestic activities like cooking and organizing my home."

Detailed meaning of domestic

It describes things that pertain to the internal or private sphere of one's personal life. When used to describe a person, 'domestic' typically signifies someone who is primarily engaged in activities within the home, such as taking care of household chores, managing family responsibilities, or nurturing familial relationships. It can also refer to items or services that are designed for or used within the home, such as domestic appliances, domestic animals, or domestic services like cleaning or cooking. Furthermore, 'domestic' can be used to describe policies, issues, or conflicts that primarily affect a specific country or nation, as opposed to international or global affairs. In summary, the adjective 'domestic' denotes a connection or focus on matters related to the home, family, or the internal affairs of a particular country.

Example sentences containing domestic

1. They adopted a domestic cat from the local animal shelter.
2. The domestic chores, such as laundry and dishes, need to be done before guests arrive.
3. The airline offers both domestic and international flights.
4. She specializes in domestic law, handling cases related to divorce and child custody.
5. We decided to have a quiet domestic evening, watching movies and enjoying each other's company.
6. The domestic violence hotline provides support and assistance to victims.

History and etymology of domestic

The adjective 'domestic' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'domesticus,' which is derived from 'domus,' meaning 'house' or 'home.' Therefore, the etymology of 'domestic' is closely tied to the concept of being related to or associated with the home, household, or family affairs. In Latin, 'domesticus' described things that were connected to the home environment or were characteristic of family life. Over time, as the word entered English, it retained this sense of being related to the home and family, and it came to encompass a wide range of meanings, including household tasks, animals kept for home use, and matters within one's own country as opposed to foreign or international affairs. The etymology of 'domestic' underscores its connection to the familiar and the home, making it a versatile term in describing various aspects of private and family life.

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Further usage examples of domestic

1. The government implemented new domestic policies to address economic inequality.
2. They installed a state-of-the-art domestic security system to protect their home.
3. We purchased domestic products to support local businesses.
4. The domestic economy experienced a downturn due to the global recession.
5. She is an expert in domestic affairs, advising politicians on issues related to housing and welfare.
6. Domestic chores can be time-consuming but essential.
7. Her domestic skills include cooking and cleaning.
8. A domestic dispute can strain family relationships.
9. Domestic bliss is often found in simple moments.
10. We enjoy domestic tranquility in our cozy home.
11. Domestic responsibilities vary from family to family.
12. They adopted a domesticated cat from the shelter.
13. Domestic life can be both rewarding and challenging.
14. Domestic harmony contributes to a happy home.
15. Home gardens are a source of domestic joy.
16. Domestic pets provide companionship and love.
17. Family gatherings are a celebration of domestic ties.
18. The domestic economy relies on consumer spending.
19. Domestic architecture reflects cultural traditions.
20. Childcare is a vital aspect of domestic life.
21. Domestic routines help maintain order at home.
22. Domestic duties often fall on women unfairly.
23. Domestic chores teach valuable life skills.
24. Domestic partnerships require communication and trust.
25. A well-organized domestic space enhances productivity.



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