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How to pronounce drastic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of drastic

Extreme, severe, and characterized by a significant and often rapid impact or transformation.
"The drought has had a drastic effect on the local crops."

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Detailed meaning of drastic

When something is referred to as drastic, it implies that it involves substantial and sometimes dramatic alterations, typically in response to a critical situation or problem. These changes are often seen as a last resort or a radical solution due to their profound and sometimes disruptive nature. For example, a company might implement drastic cost-cutting measures to avoid bankruptcy, or a government might enforce drastic policies to address a pressing social issue. "Drastic" conveys a sense of urgency and the recognition that the situation demands immediate and substantial intervention to achieve a desired outcome, even if it comes with substantial consequences or disruptions.

Example sentences containing drastic

1. She had to make a drastic decision to save her failing business.
2. The doctor recommended a drastic change in diet to improve his health.
3. The company implemented a drastic cost-cutting measure to stay profitable.
4. The hurricane caused drastic damage to the coastal town.
5. The team needed to take drastic action to turn their losing streak around.
6. The company faced drastic consequences for violating environmental regulations.

History and etymology of drastic

The adjective 'drastic' has an etymology rooted in the Greek language. It can be traced back to the Greek word 'drastos,' which means 'to be acted upon' or 'to be done.' In its early usage, 'drastic' described actions or measures that were forceful and extreme, often involving significant and rapid changes or impacts. This term made its way into the English language, retaining its sense of severity and immediacy. Today, when we refer to something as 'drastic,' we are alluding to a situation, action, or change that is marked by its extreme, severe, and often sudden nature, suggesting a substantial and consequential transformation or effect.

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Further usage examples of drastic

1. The government introduced drastic measures to curb the spread of the virus.
2. The sudden drop in temperature had a drastic impact on the plants.
3. The drastic increase in prices made it difficult for people to afford basic necessities.
4. The new regulations will have a drastic impact on the construction industry.
5. The drastic decline in attendance forced the theater to close its doors.
6. The drastic change in weather caught everyone off guard.
7. Her drastic decision to quit her job shocked her colleagues.
8. The pandemic had a drastic impact on the economy.
9. The medicine had a drastic effect on his health.
10. They made a drastic cut in their expenses to save money.
11. The drastic shift in public opinion led to a political upheaval.
12. The company had to take drastic measures to stay afloat.
13. The forest fire caused drastic damage to the ecosystem.
14. The drastic reduction in pollution improved air quality.
15. Her drastic makeover left everyone amazed at her transformation.
16. The drastic drop in temperature signaled the onset of winter.
17. They faced drastic consequences for their reckless actions.
18. The drastic increase in traffic led to longer commutes.
19. The drastic shortage of supplies caused panic in the community.
20. The new regulations brought about a drastic change in industry practices.
21. The drastic decline in sales forced the company to reevaluate its strategy.
22. The drastic improvement in technology revolutionized communication.
23. His drastic weight loss journey inspired many to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
24. The drastic shortage of water affected agriculture in the region.
25. The drastic decision to move to a new city brought new opportunities.



radical, mild, moderate, insignificant


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