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How to pronounce desperate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of desperate

Extreme urgency, despair, or a feeling of being driven to take drastic measures due to a sense of hopelessness or extreme need.
"The starving family was in desperate need of food and water."

Detailed meaning of desperate

It conveys a strong sense of emotional distress, often accompanied by a willingness to do anything to alleviate a difficult or dire situation. When someone is described as desperate, it implies that they are willing to take risks or engage in unconventional actions, disregarding consequences, in order to achieve a particular outcome. Desperation is often born out of a sense of desperation or a lack of viable alternatives, leaving individuals feeling trapped or cornered. It can manifest in various aspects of life, such as relationships, finances, or personal circumstances. The adjective "desperate" signifies a state of great need or urgency, often prompting individuals to seek immediate solutions or relief from their predicament, even if it means resorting to measures they would not consider under normal circumstances.

Example sentences containing desperate

1. She made a desperate plea for help as the flames engulfed her home.
2. The patient's condition was deteriorating, and the doctors grew increasingly desperate.
3. The unemployed worker was desperate to find a job to support his family.
4. In a desperate attempt to escape, they climbed over the high fence.
5. The hiker was lost in the wilderness and became desperate for rescue.
6. The team made a desperate last-minute effort to score a winning goal.

History and etymology of desperate

The adjective 'desperate' finds its etymological roots in Latin. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'desperatus,' which is the past participle of 'desperare,' combining 'de,' meaning 'completely,' and 'sperare,' meaning 'to hope.' Thus, 'desperatus' originally conveyed a sense of being completely without hope or despair. As the term evolved, it came to signify extreme urgency or a feeling of being driven to take drastic measures due to a sense of hopelessness or extreme need. This evolution of meaning reflects the idea that when one is in a desperate situation, they may be willing to do anything, even actions that would not normally be considered due to the intensity of their despair or need. This sense of urgency and despair remains central to the meaning of 'desperate' in modern English.

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Further usage examples of desperate

1. The company's financial situation was dire, leading to desperate measures to stay afloat.
2. The villagers were living in desperate conditions after the devastating hurricane.
3. She felt a desperate sense of loneliness after her closest friend moved away.
4. The political situation in the country was becoming increasingly desperate, leading to widespread unrest.
5. He took a desperate gamble, hoping that it would pay off and solve his problems.
6. In the face of danger, her desperate cry for help pierced the night.
7. The desperate refugees sought shelter from the relentless storm.
8. His desperate attempts to save the drowning child were heroic.
9. With bills piling up, they faced a desperate financial situation.
10. The desperate plea in her eyes tugged at his heartstrings.
11. The survivors' desperate struggle for food became more intense.
12. In the wilderness, their desperate need for water grew dire.
13. She resorted to desperate measures to find her lost dog.
14. The desperate search for survivors continued through the night.
15. Their desperate escape plan was their last hope for freedom.
16. The desperate longing for her touch consumed his thoughts.
17. The desperate situation called for immediate action.
18. In the desert, they faced a desperate battle against dehydration.
19. The desperate fight for survival pushed them to their limits.
20. The desperate cries of hunger echoed through the famine-stricken village.
21. His desperate desire for success fueled his relentless ambition.
22. The desperate need for medical supplies was evident in the makeshift clinic.
23. They shared a desperate kiss, knowing it might be their last.
24. In the courtroom, the defendant's desperate plea for leniency was moving.
25. The desperate circumstances forced them to make tough decisions.



frantic, calm, content, patient


Burden and Stress, Problems and Conundrums, Gloom and Unpleasantness, Hardship and Suffering

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