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How to pronounce economical (audio)

Dictionary definition of economical

Efficient and prudent in the use of resources, especially when it comes to saving time, money, or materials.
"He was economical with his words, always choosing them carefully."

Detailed meaning of economical

When applied to a product, process, or decision, "economical" signifies an approach that minimizes waste and maximizes utility. An economical car, for example, is one that efficiently uses fuel, reducing the cost of operation. In daily life, being economical might involve making thoughtful choices to reduce expenses or conserve resources, such as turning off lights when not in use or finding cost-effective solutions to problems. Essentially, "economical" suggests a focus on efficiency, frugality, and making the most of what is available while avoiding unnecessary waste or excess.

Example sentences containing economical

1. She was very economical in her use of resources.
2. The company's new plan is more economical and environmentally friendly.
3. He was economical with his time, always finding ways to be more efficient.
4. She was economical with her money, always looking for ways to save.
5. The car is economical on gas and easy on the pocket.
6. He was economical with his movements, always trying to conserve energy.

History and etymology of economical

The adjective 'economical' has its etymological roots in the Greek word 'oikonomikos,' which is derived from 'oikonomia,' meaning 'household management' or 'administration of a household.' This term is a compound of 'oikos,' meaning 'house,' and 'nomos,' meaning 'law' or 'rule.' Originally, 'economical' pertained to the prudent and efficient management of resources within a household. Over time, its usage expanded to encompass the broader notion of being efficient and prudent in the use of resources in various contexts, such as saving time, money, or materials. The etymology of 'economical' underscores its historical association with the responsible management of resources, reflecting the idea of efficiency and thrift that remains central to its meaning today.

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Further usage examples of economical

1. She was economical in her cooking, always using the leftovers.
2. The design was economical, using minimal materials to achieve maximum effect.
3. He was economical with his emotions, never showing too much.
4. She was economical with her praise, only giving it when it was truly deserved.
5. The solution was economical, solving the problem with minimal cost.
6. The new car is highly economical, with excellent fuel efficiency.
7. She's an economical shopper, always seeking the best deals.
8. Their home is designed with economical energy use in mind.
9. Using public transportation is an economical way to commute.
10. The chef's recipes are both delicious and economical.
11. Investing in energy-efficient appliances is economical in the long run.
12. The company adopted an economical approach to reduce waste.
13. An economical use of space is essential in small apartments.
14. Carpooling is an economical solution to reduce transportation costs.
15. The construction project aimed for an economical use of materials.
16. He has an economical writing style, conveying much in few words.
17. The business adopted an economical printing strategy.
18. Her cooking methods are both economical and eco-friendly.
19. The new software offers an economical solution for small businesses.
20. The design of the smartphone is sleek and economical.
21. The company's decision to go paperless is both green and economical.
22. The hotel offers economical rates for budget travelers.
23. The public library is an economical resource for book lovers.
24. An economical approach to gardening can save both time and money.
25. Choosing a hybrid car is an economical choice for eco-conscious drivers.



thrifty, wasteful, extravagant, lavish


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