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cautious, careless, rash, imprudent


GRE 10 (Graduate Record Examination), Caution and Prudence, Wisdom and Understanding, Judgement and Decision-Making



How to pronounce prudent (audio)


Dictionary definition of prudent

Showing wise or careful judgment in dealing with practical matters.
"It is prudent to warm up and stretch before commencing strenuous exercise."

Detailed meaning of prudent

It can refer to someone who is careful and thoughtful in their approach to problem-solving or decision-making, or who is able to anticipate and avoid potential problems or risks. The term can also be used more broadly to describe anything that is wise, sensible, or well-considered. In general, someone or something that is prudent is able to make sound and reasonable judgements, and is able to act in a way that is likely to achieve a good outcome.

Example sentences containing prudent

1. It would be prudent to save some of your wages each month.
2. It was a prudent decision to buy an apartment when she graduated.
3. We thought it would be prudent to make a reservation first.
4. She deemed it prudent not to tell her husband all of the details.
5. A prudent traveller always keeps his wallet and passport safe.
6. A prudent investeor never sells at the first hint of trouble.

History and etymology of prudent

The adjective 'prudent' derives its etymological origins from the Latin word 'prudens,' which is a combination of 'pro,' meaning 'in advance,' and 'videns,' meaning 'seeing' or 'knowing.' This etymology conveys the essence of prudence as showing wise or careful judgment in dealing with practical matters. A prudent person is one who foresees potential outcomes and exercises careful discernment before making decisions, much like someone who 'sees in advance' the consequences of their actions. The term 'prudent' carries a connotation of sagacity and circumspection, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful consideration and foresight in navigating the complexities of life, and making decisions that are guided by wisdom and a deep understanding of potential outcomes.

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Further usage examples of prudent

1. It was a prudent decision, based on careful consideration of all the available options.
2. She was a prudent manager, always looking for ways to save money and minimize risk.
3. He was known for being a prudential investor, carefully researching and selecting his investments.
4. She was a prudent leader, able to anticipate and avoid potential problems.
5. It was a prudent move, likely to pay off in the long run.
6. She was a prudent negotiator, able to find win-win solutions and avoid conflicts.
7. He was a prudent decision-maker, weighing the pros and cons and considering the long-term implications of each option.
8. She was a prudent planner, always thinking ahead and preparing for potential challenges.
9. It was a prudential choice, likely to result in a positive outcome.
10. He was a prudential thinker, always considering the risks and potential consequences of his actions.
11. She was a prudent financial manager, able to maximize profits and minimize losses.
12. It was a prudential investment, with a low risk and a high potential return.
13. A prudent investor carefully researches before making decisions.
14. She demonstrated prudent financial management throughout her career.
15. It's prudent to establish an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.
16. The CEO's prudent decision-making ensured the company's stability.
17. Prudent leaders weigh the consequences of their actions.
18. In times of uncertainty, prudent planning is paramount.
19. The doctor's prudent advice contributed to her patient's recovery.
20. Prudent homeowners take measures to protect their property.
21. A prudent approach to risk management minimizes potential losses.
22. Prudent budgeting helps individuals avoid financial strain.
23. Prudent drivers follow traffic rules and prioritize safety.
24. He made a prudent choice by pursuing a stable career.
25. Prudent business strategies lead to long-term success.
26. Prudent students prioritize study habits for academic excellence.
27. The lawyer's prudent counsel guided her client through legal matters.
28. Prudent decision-making involves considering both short and long-term outcomes.
29. It's prudent to seek advice from experienced mentors in your field.
30. Prudent investors diversify their portfolios for greater security.
31. Prudent homeowners invest in home insurance to mitigate risks.
32. A prudent leader anticipates challenges and plans accordingly.

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