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How to pronounce ecstasy (audio)


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Dictionary definition of ecstasy

An intense and overwhelming emotional state characterized by extreme happiness, pleasure, or bliss.
"The child's face lit up with ecstasy upon receiving the gift they had been asking for."

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Detailed meaning of ecstasy

When someone experiences ecstasy, they are in a state of profound euphoria and exhilaration, often transcending the ordinary bounds of happiness. This term is associated with moments of sheer delight, rapture, or euphoric ecstasy, which can result from various sources such as love, music, art, or spiritual experiences. Ecstasy is marked by a sense of profound connection with the universe, a feeling of being at one with everything, and a complete loss of self-awareness. It is a powerful and transformative emotion that can be both deeply personal and shared with others, creating memorable and transcendent moments in one's life.

Example sentences containing ecstasy

1. The feeling of falling in love can be described as pure ecstasy.
2. The concert-goers were in a state of ecstasy as their favorite band played their hit song.
3. The athlete felt a rush of ecstasy as they crossed the finish line.
4. The party-goers were dancing in ecstasy to the beat of the music.
5. The couple shared a moment of ecstasy as they watched the sunset together.
6. The drug induced a sense of false ecstasy in the user, leading to addiction.

History and etymology of ecstasy

The noun 'ecstasy' has its etymological roots in Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'ekstasis,' which combines 'ek,' meaning 'out of,' and 'stasis,' meaning 'a standing' or 'a state.' In ancient Greek, 'ekstasis' was used to describe an altered or transcendent state of consciousness, often associated with religious or mystical experiences where a person felt as though they were standing outside of themselves or their usual state. Over time, the term 'ecstasy' made its way into English, retaining its connection to an intense and overwhelming emotional state but with a focus on extreme happiness, pleasure, or bliss. When someone experiences 'ecstasy,' they are in a state of profound and heightened delight, as if they have transcended their ordinary emotional boundaries. Thus, the etymology of 'ecstasy' underscores its historical association with heightened and euphoric emotional experiences, often linked to moments of great joy and pleasure.

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Further usage examples of ecstasy

1. The spiritual leader talked about experiencing ecstasy through meditation and prayer.
2. The writer described the moment of inspiration as an ecstatic experience.
3. The winning team celebrated in ecstasy as they lifted the championship trophy.
4. The artist felt a sense of ecstasy upon completing their masterpiece.
5. The taste of the delicious food brought her to a state of pure ecstasy.
6. The beauty of the sunset filled her with a sense of ecstasy.
7. Their love was a source of unending ecstasy.
8. Winning the championship brought tears of ecstasy.
9. The music at the concert had a euphoric effect, inducing ecstasy.
10. The taste of her favorite dessert sent her into a state of pure ecstasy.
11. His proposal left her in a state of sheer ecstasy.
12. The laughter of children playing brought a sense of ecstasy to the park.
13. Achieving her lifelong dream was a moment of unbridled ecstasy.
14. The dance floor was a place of collective ecstasy.
15. The breathtaking view from the mountaintop left them in ecstasy.
16. The birth of their child was a moment of unparalleled ecstasy.
17. The aroma of freshly baked bread filled her with ecstasy.
18. His art had the power to evoke a sense of ecstasy in viewers.
19. The surprise party was a night of pure ecstasy for the guest of honor.
20. The first bite of the exquisite meal brought waves of ecstasy.
21. The success of their collaboration was a cause for shared ecstasy.
22. The scent of blooming flowers created an atmosphere of ecstasy.
23. The reunion with long-lost friends was a moment of ecstatic joy.
24. The end of the challenging journey was met with collective ecstasy.
25. The wedding ceremony was a celebration of love and ecstasy.



bliss, misery, sorrow, agony


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