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How to pronounce euphoria (audio)

Dictionary definition of euphoria

A state of intense happiness, excitement, and elation, often characterized by a sense of profound well-being and an overwhelming feeling of positivity.
"The winning goal sent the crowd into a state of euphoria."

Detailed meaning of euphoria

When we characterize a person as experiencing euphoria, we emphasize their elevated emotional state, which can be marked by an almost euphoric sense of joy and exhilaration. Euphoria is often associated with moments of extreme pleasure, success, or the fulfillment of a long-held desire. It conveys a sense of pure and unbridled happiness, where all worries and cares seem to fade away, and an overwhelming sense of bliss takes over. Whether it's the euphoria of a major life achievement, the euphoria induced by certain substances, or the natural euphoria that comes from being deeply in love, this adjective highlights the extraordinary and almost magical quality of such ecstatic emotional experiences.

Example sentences containing euphoria

1. There was an eruption of euphoria among the jubilant fans.
2. She was in a state of euphoria when she read the winning numbers.
3. When the dust settled, his euphoria soon gave way to despair.
4. Euphoria surrounding the new President abruptly dissipated when the scandal broke.
5. The concert left her in a state of euphoria for days.
6. He was overwhelmed with euphoria when he heard the good news.

History and etymology of euphoria

The noun 'euphoria' has its origins in ancient Greek, where its etymology can be explored. It is derived from the Greek words 'eu,' meaning 'well' or 'good,' and 'phērein,' which translates to 'to bear' or 'to carry.' In Greek, 'euphoria' essentially meant 'a feeling of well-being' or 'a good state of health.' Over time, this term evolved and was adopted into modern languages, including English, to describe a state of intense happiness, excitement, and elation. When we use 'euphoria,' we are referring to a profound sense of positivity and well-being, as if one is carrying or bearing a sense of goodness within them. This etymology beautifully captures the essence of the word, as it relates to a state of blissful and uplifting emotions.

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Further usage examples of euphoria

1. News of the victory sparked a wave of euphoria across the nation.
2. She felt a sense of euphoria after completing the marathon.
3. The news of the promotion left him feeling euphoric.
4. The party was filled with euphoria as everyone celebrated the birthday.
5. The trip to the beach left her feeling euphoric and refreshed.
6. He was filled with euphoria after completing his first triathlon.
7. The euphoria of the holiday season was contagious.
8. Winning the championship filled them with a euphoria that they had never experienced before, a culmination of years of hard work and dedication.
9. The euphoria of their engagement, marked by joyful tears and heartfelt declarations of love, was a moment they would cherish forever.
10. The concert's explosive energy and the crowd's ecstatic cheers created a tidal wave of euphoria that swept through the entire venue.
11. Her success in the business world brought a profound sense of euphoria, as she shattered glass ceilings and inspired future generations of women.
12. The euphoria of graduation day, with its cap-and-gown ceremonies and proud families, marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.
13. The discovery of a new scientific breakthrough led to a state of euphoria among the researchers, who realized the potential impact on the world.
14. Achieving a lifelong dream, such as climbing a daunting mountain or publishing a bestselling novel, can bring euphoria that knows no bounds.
15. The euphoria of a new beginning, as they embarked on a journey in a foreign land, was invigorating and filled with exciting possibilities.
16. The unexpected lottery win left them in a state of euphoria, as they contemplated the newfound financial freedom and opportunities.
17. Euphoria washed over them at the news of a long-awaited family reunion, promising laughter, shared memories, and heartfelt conversations.
18. The euphoria of the moment, as they exchanged vows under a picturesque sunset, was electric, uniting two souls in boundless love and commitment.
19. Their love story was a rollercoaster ride of euphoria, marked by passionate embraces, stolen kisses, and unforgettable adventures.
20. The euphoria of the holiday season, with its twinkling lights, festive music, and cherished traditions, brought warmth to their hearts.
21. Euphoria filled the air at the wedding reception, where dancing, toasts, and well-wishes created an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration.
22. The team's stunning victory, against all odds, created a sense of euphoria that united fans and players alike in a shared moment of triumph.
23. The euphoria of travel, as they explored exotic destinations and immersed themselves in new cultures, broadened their horizons and enriched their lives.
24. Euphoria followed the successful product launch, as the company celebrated not only a financial win but also the hard work and creativity of its team.
25. The reunion of long-lost friends, with hugs, laughter, and tales of shared memories, brought waves of euphoria that lasted for days.
26. Achieving fitness goals, such as completing a marathon or reaching a personal best, resulted in euphoria that extended beyond physical well-being.
27. The euphoria of artistic creation, as they painted, wrote, or composed, was inspiring, channeling their emotions and experiences into creative masterpieces.



bliss, misery, depression, sadness


Emotional Extremes and Reactions, Vitality and Vigor, Enjoyment and Indulgence, Expressions Of Emotion

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