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How to pronounce effulgent (audio)

Dictionary definition of effulgent

Emitting or glowing an intense and radiant light, often in a way that is exceptionally bright, dazzling, or luminous.
"The effulgent sunrise painted the sky with hues of pink and orange."

Detailed meaning of effulgent

When an object or entity is described as effulgent, it suggests an extraordinary and almost overwhelming brightness, often accompanied by a sense of splendor and beauty. This term is commonly applied to describe the sun when it is at its zenith, casting a radiant and effulgent glow on the landscape. Additionally, "effulgent" can be used metaphorically to depict qualities like happiness, joy, or charisma that radiate so intensely that they seem to shine and illuminate the lives of those around them. Overall, "effulgent" conveys a sense of radiant brilliance and magnificence, whether in the context of light, beauty, or the intangible qualities that brighten our existence.

Example sentences containing effulgent

1. The starry night sky was effulgent with a thousand tiny lights.
2. The bride's effulgent smile lit up the room.
3. The gemstone's effulgent sparkle caught everyone's eye.
4. The city skyline was effulgent with the lights of skyscrapers.
5. The shimmering ocean was effulgent in the light of the setting sun.
6. The effulgent aura of the saint inspired awe and reverence.

History and etymology of effulgent

The adjective 'effulgent' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'effulgere,' which combines 'ex' (meaning 'out') and 'fulgere' (meaning 'to shine' or 'to glow'). Therefore, 'effulgent' etymologically signifies something that shines out or radiates light. It conveys the idea of emitting an intense and radiant light, often in a manner that is exceptionally bright, dazzling, or luminous. This word beautifully captures the notion of brilliance and radiance, as if the light itself is overflowing and emanating with a stunning, almost divine, luminosity.

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Further usage examples of effulgent

1. The artist used bright, effulgent colors to bring the painting to life.
2. The garden was effulgent with colorful flowers and lush foliage.
3. The effulgent glow of the full moon cast a soft light on the night.
4. The effulgent beauty of the waterfall was breathtaking.
5. The cathedral's stained glass windows were effulgent with vibrant colors.
6. The effulgent sun cast a warm glow over the golden beach.
7. Her smile was effulgent, lighting up the room with joy.
8. The chandelier bathed the room in an effulgent radiance.
9. The moon's effulgent light illuminated the tranquil night.
10. The waterfall sparkled in the effulgent afternoon sunlight.
11. The effulgent stars filled the night sky with their brilliance.
12. The artist used effulgent colors to create a vibrant masterpiece.
13. The bride looked effulgent in her shimmering wedding gown.
14. The city's skyline was effulgent with a dazzling array of lights.
15. The gemstone's effulgent sparkle captivated all who saw it.
16. The fireworks burst in effulgent displays of color and light.
17. The cathedral's stained glass windows were effulgent with vibrant hues.
18. The garden's flowers glowed in the effulgent morning sunlight.
19. The lake mirrored the effulgent beauty of the surrounding mountains.
20. The butterfly's wings were effulgent with iridescent patterns.
21. The effulgent aura of positivity surrounded her wherever she went.
22. The actor's performance was effulgent, earning a standing ovation.
23. The effulgent energy of the festival was infectious and uplifting.
24. The beach at sunset was a scene of effulgent natural beauty.
25. The forest glowed with an effulgent green vitality in the spring.



radiant, dim, dull, gloomy


GRE 7 (Graduate Record Examination), Creativity and Originality, Energy and Vitality, Optical Phenomena and Radiance, Light and Visibility

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