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How to pronounce eject (audio)


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Dictionary definition of eject

To forcefully expel or remove something or someone from a particular place or object.
"The fighter pilot had to eject when his plane caught fire."

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Detailed meaning of eject

It involves the act of pushing, thrusting, or throwing out an object or individual. The process of ejecting often involves a sudden and forceful action to propel the subject away or outwards. It can be applied in various contexts, such as ejecting a cassette from a player, ejecting a person from a premises, or ejecting an object from a vehicle. The term "eject" implies a deliberate and often immediate action taken to eliminate or expel something or someone from a given location or entity.

Example sentences containing eject

1. The pilot had to eject from the malfunctioning aircraft to save his life.
2. The bouncer had to eject the unruly patron from the club.
3. She had to eject the stuck CD from the computer.
4. The volcano erupted and threatened to eject molten lava.
5. The teacher had to eject the disruptive student from the classroom.
6. The spacecraft's escape pods could eject in case of an emergency.

History and etymology of eject

The verb 'eject' has its etymological roots in Latin and is derived from the Latin word 'ejectus,' the past participle of 'eicere.' 'Eicere' is a compound word, combining 'ex,' meaning 'out,' and 'jacere,' meaning 'to throw.' Therefore, 'eject' literally means 'to throw out' or 'to expel forcefully.' This term entered the English language from Latin in the late 16th century and has since been used to describe the action of forcefully removing something or someone from a specific place or object. It conveys the notion of a swift and often abrupt removal, emphasizing the act of propelling or casting out, aligning with its Latin origins.

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Further usage examples of eject

1. The referee threatened to eject the player for unsportsmanlike conduct.
2. In emergencies, the car's airbags can eject to protect occupants.
3. Security guards may eject trespassers from private property.
4. The submarine could eject torpedoes in defense.
5. The landlord had to eject the non-paying tenant from the apartment.
6. When the printer jams, it is unable to eject the paper.
7. Please eject the disk from the computer before you shut it down.
8. If the device overheats, it will automatically eject the memory card.
9. In the baseball game, the umpire might eject a player for arguing.
10. You have to eject the USB drive safely to avoid data loss.
11. The vending machine will eject your change in the slot below.
12. During the experiment, the mechanism will eject a small sample.
13. If the spacecraft fails, the astronauts have the option to eject.
14. The cassette player will not eject the tape, something might be stuck.
15. When the toaster is done, it will eject the bread slices.
16. Make sure to eject the SD card before removing it from the camera.
17. I wish this machine would eject my credit card; it’s been in there for ages!
18. Don’t eject the game disc while the console is still running.
19. The fighter jets eject flares to confuse incoming missiles.
20. The new device will eject a printout once the scanning is complete.
21. I'll press the button to eject the CD from the stereo.
22. If the pressure becomes too great, the safety valve will eject steam.
23. The robot will eject a small capsule containing the samples.
24. After the coffee is brewed, the machine will eject the used grounds into a container.



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