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How to pronounce emaciation (audio)

Dictionary definition of emaciation

The state of extreme thinness or extreme and unhealthy weight loss in a person or animal.
"The rescue team was shocked by the emaciation of the neglected dog they found."

Detailed meaning of emaciation

It is characterized by a marked depletion of body fat, muscle mass, and overall body weight, often resulting in a skeletal appearance. Emaciation typically occurs as a result of severe malnutrition, prolonged starvation, certain medical conditions, or eating disorders. It signifies a state of extreme physical weakness and frailty, with visible signs of bone prominence, sunken features, and a lack of subcutaneous tissue. Emaciation is often associated with poor health, compromised immune function, and various physiological and psychological implications. It is a condition that warrants immediate attention and intervention to restore proper nutrition and regain a healthy body weight. Emaciation serves as a poignant visual representation of the devastating effects of malnutrition and serves as a reminder of the importance of proper nourishment for overall well-being.

Example sentences containing emaciation

1. The photograph captured the haunting emaciation of famine-stricken children.
2. The veterinarian diagnosed the cat's emaciation as a result of a prolonged illness.
3. The emaciation of the athlete raised concerns about their overall health and performance.
4. The charity organization provided food and medical care to combat the emaciation prevalent in the impoverished community.
5. The emaciation of the wildlife in the drought-affected region was a distressing sight.
6. The doctor recommended a specialized diet to address the patient's emaciation and promote weight gain.

History and etymology of emaciation

The noun 'emaciation' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'emaciare,' which is a combination of 'e,' meaning 'out of,' and 'macies,' meaning 'thinness' or 'leanness.' Therefore, 'emaciation' literally means 'becoming thin' or 'the state of extreme thinness.' In the context of health and physiology, 'emaciation' refers to the severe and unhealthy condition of extreme weight loss, where a person or animal becomes dangerously thin and frail due to factors such as malnutrition, illness, or starvation. This term underscores the idea of becoming excessively thin to the point of physical weakness and depletion, reflecting its Latin origins in describing the state of extreme leanness or thinness.

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Further usage examples of emaciation

1. The emaciation of the rescued bird indicated a lack of proper nutrition and care.
2. The emaciation of the elderly woman prompted her family to seek immediate medical attention.
3. The documentary shed light on the emaciation endured by prisoners of war in the internment camps.
4. The emaciation of the livestock raised concerns about the farmer's management practices and animal welfare.
5. The recovery program aimed to address the emaciation of individuals struggling with eating disorders.
6. The emaciation of the starving child was heartbreaking to witness.
7. Emaciation is a common symptom of severe malnutrition.
8. The veterinarian was deeply concerned about the dog's emaciation.
9. The patient's emaciation was a result of a prolonged illness.
10. The emaciation of the neglected horses prompted a rescue mission.
11. Her emaciation raised concerns among friends and family.
12. The documentary highlighted the emaciation faced by refugees.
13. Emaciation is a serious issue in the world of competitive sports.
14. The emaciation of the once-healthy tree was alarming.
15. The photo displayed the stark emaciation of the famine-stricken village.
16. The emaciation of the wildlife was a consequence of drought.
17. Emaciation can be a sign of an underlying medical condition.
18. The charity aimed to combat emaciation in impoverished communities.
19. The emaciation of the old cat was a result of neglect.
20. The emaciation of the actor for the role was astounding.
21. Emaciation is a significant concern in elder care.
22. The emaciation of the athlete raised concerns about her health.
23. Emaciation in wildlife populations can be linked to habitat loss.
24. The emaciation of the bird indicated a lack of food availability.
25. The emaciation of the prisoner was a consequence of poor treatment.



thinness, obesity, plumpness, robustness


Prefix em-, SAT 18 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Decline and Disintegrate, Ailments and Ill-Health

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