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How to pronounce emporium (audio)


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Dictionary definition of emporium

A large, diverse, and often prestigious retail store or marketplace.
"The local emporium became a community hub, hosting events, workshops, and art exhibitions."


Detailed meaning of emporium

It is a place where a wide range of goods, products, or services are sold under one roof, creating a one-stop destination for shoppers. Emporiums typically offer a diverse selection of merchandise, including clothing, accessories, electronics, home goods, and specialty items. They are known for their grandeur, opulence, and the sheer variety of offerings. Emporiums often feature multiple departments or sections, each dedicated to a specific category of products. Historically, emporiums played a significant role in trade and commerce, serving as hubs for merchants and consumers to gather, exchange goods, and engage in business transactions. Today, emporiums continue to thrive as large-scale retail establishments, providing a unique and immersive shopping experience for customers seeking convenience, variety, and a touch of elegance.

Example sentences containing emporium

1. The newly opened emporium attracted shoppers with its vast selection of luxury brands.
2. We spent hours exploring the emporium, browsing through the different sections.
3. The emporium showcased a dazzling array of jewelry, from exquisite diamonds to rare gemstones.
4. The antique emporium was a treasure trove of vintage furniture and collectibles.
5. The department emporium offered everything from clothing and cosmetics to home appliances and electronics.
6. The emporium's gourmet food section delighted food enthusiasts with its international delicacies.

History and etymology of emporium

The noun 'emporium' has its etymological roots in Latin and Greek. It is derived from the Latin word 'emporium,' which originally came from the Greek word 'emporion.' In both languages, it referred to a trading place or market. The Greek 'emporion' is a combination of 'en,' meaning 'in,' and 'poros,' meaning 'passage' or 'journey,' emphasizing its connection to commerce and trade routes. Over time, 'emporium' transitioned into English to describe a large, diverse, and often prestigious retail store or marketplace where a wide variety of goods are offered for sale. It carries a connotation of a bustling center of commerce and trade, often associated with luxury or specialty items. The term 'emporium' reflects its historical origins in the bustling markets and trade hubs of ancient civilizations, where goods from distant lands were exchanged and offered to a diverse clientele.

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Further usage examples of emporium

1. The toy emporium was a paradise for children, with shelves stocked full of games, puzzles, and action figures.
2. We found unique handmade crafts at the local artisan emporium.
3. The emporium's book section had a vast collection of novels, biographies, and reference books.
4. The emporium's home decor department showcased trendy furniture and stylish accessories.
5. The outdoor emporium catered to adventure enthusiasts, offering camping gear, hiking equipment, and sporting goods.
6. The emporium dazzled shoppers with its opulent displays of jewelry and fine art.
7. A bustling emporium, it offered everything from gourmet foods to rare books.
8. The emporium's grand facade was a testament to its storied history.
9. Shoppers flocked to the emporium to explore its vast selection of exotic goods.
10. Inside the emporium, antique treasures awaited discovery around every corner.
11. This emporium was renowned for its exquisite fashion and haute couture.
12. The emporium's aisles were teeming with shoppers seeking unique treasures.
13. Vintage enthusiasts scoured the emporium for retro clothing and collectibles.
14. The emporium's eclectic range of products catered to all tastes and interests.
15. A visit to the emporium was like stepping into a bygone era of elegance.
16. The emporium's ornate chandeliers added a touch of glamour to the experience.
17. You could spend hours exploring the emporium's labyrinthine corridors.
18. The emporium's antique furniture section was a treasure trove of history.
19. Shoppers reveled in the emporium's ambiance, a blend of nostalgia and luxury.
20. The emporium's rooftop cafe offered stunning views of the city skyline.
21. The emporium's seasonal sales drew crowds from far and wide.
22. Collectors scoured the emporium for rare coins and vintage memorabilia.
23. The emporium's reputation for quality and variety was unsurpassed.
24. Art aficionados frequented the emporium to admire its ever-changing exhibits.
25. A trip to the emporium was a delightful adventure for the senses.



marketplace, kiosk, stall, small shop


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