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How to pronounce entourage (audio)

Dictionary definition of entourage

A group of people who accompany someone, especially a celebrity or important figure, in their personal and professional life.
"The politician's entourage included campaign staff and security."

Detailed meaning of entourage

An entourage is typically composed of friends, family members, advisors, and assistants who provide support, protection, and guidance to the central figure. The term is often used to describe a close circle of people who are dedicated to the well-being and success of the person they accompany. An entourage can also provide a sense of security and comfort, helping the central figure navigate the challenges and demands of their public life. Overall, an entourage is a group of individuals who play an important role in the life of the person they accompany, serving as a source of support, companionship, and protection.

Example sentences containing entourage

1. He arrived with his entourage of bodyguards and assistants.
2. She was surrounded by her entourage of friends and family.
3. The celebrity's entourage included stylists, makeup artists, and personal assistants.
4. He was always accompanied by his entourage of advisors and consultants.
5. She traveled with her entourage of dancers and musicians.
6. He was surrounded by his entourage of fans and admirers.

History and etymology of entourage

The noun 'entourage' has its etymological origins in French. It is derived from the Old French word 'entourer,' which means 'to surround' or 'to go around.' In its original French form, 'entourage' referred to a group of attendants or companions who surrounded and accompanied a person of importance, such as a monarch or a noble, in their daily life and during official events. The term later found its way into English with the same meaning, but it became more widely associated with the idea of a group of people who accompany someone, especially a celebrity or an important figure, in their personal and professional life. 'Entourage' emphasizes the idea of being surrounded by supporters, assistants, or followers who provide various forms of support and companionship. The etymology of 'entourage' underscores its historical association with the concept of surrounding and accompanying someone of prominence, highlighting the role of those who are part of the inner circle of a notable individual.

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Further usage examples of entourage

1. She was always accompanied by her entourage of photographers and journalists.
2. The businessman's entourage included financial analysts and lawyers.
3. He was followed by his entourage of paparazzi.
4. She was accompanied by her entourage of assistants and personal shopper.
5. The president was surrounded by his entourage of secret service agents and advisors.
6. The celebrity arrived with a massive entourage of bodyguards and assistants.
7. The politician's entourage included advisors and loyal supporters.
8. The rock star's entourage of fans eagerly awaited his autograph.
9. The royal family's entourage of staff ensured every need was met.
10. The business tycoon was often seen with a high-powered entourage.
11. The athlete's entourage provided constant support and motivation.
12. The film director's entourage of actors and crew made the set lively.
13. The CEO's entourage of executives attended the important meeting.
14. The artist's entourage helped set up her gallery exhibition.
15. The diplomat's entourage accompanied him to the international summit.
16. The fashion designer's entourage ensured the runway show ran smoothly.
17. The celebrity chef's entourage included sous chefs and food critics.
18. The author's entourage of fans waited in line for book signings.
19. The president's entourage traveled in a convoy of black SUVs.
20. The tech guru's entourage included programmers and tech enthusiasts.
21. The sports team's entourage of coaches and trainers supported them.
22. The astronaut's entourage celebrated her historic space mission.
23. The musician's entourage of roadies and musicians set up the stage.
24. The model's entourage of makeup artists and stylists prepared her for the runway.
25. The philanthropist's entourage assisted in organizing charity events.



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