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How to pronounce retinue (audio)


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Dictionary definition of retinue

A group of people who accompany or follow an important or powerful person.
"The singer was surrounded by a retinue of stylists and sycophants."

Detailed meaning of retinue

These people can include advisors, assistants, staff, guards or other followers who are dedicated to serving the person they accompany. The term is commonly used to describe the group of people who surround a monarch, noble, or other high-ranking individual. The retinue can also include people with specific roles such as courtiers, officials, and members of the entourage. The size and composition of a retinue can vary widely depending on the individual and the historical period. In the past, the retinue of a monarch or noble would often be quite large and include many different types of people with different roles and responsibilities. Today the term is used more in historical context or in literature.

Example sentences containing retinue

1. The monarch arrived with a regal retinue of courtiers and advisors.
2. The president's retinue of security personnel ensured his safety.
3. The celebrity's retinue included personal assistants and stylists.
4. The military general's retinue of officers strategized for battle.
5. The dictator's retinue of loyalists enforced his oppressive rule.
6. The rockstar's retinue of fans eagerly awaited his concert.

History and etymology of retinue

The noun 'retinue' has its etymological origins in Old French. It is derived from the Old French word 'retinue,' which meant 'those who follow,' and it is closely related to the verb 'retenir,' meaning 'to retain' or 'to keep.' In medieval France, 'retinue' referred to the group of people who accompanied or followed a person of importance, such as a noble, a monarch, or a knight. These followers provided various forms of support and service, ranging from attending to their needs during travel to assisting in their duties and tasks. Over time, the term 'retinue' entered the English language with a similar meaning. Today, it describes a group of individuals who accompany or follow an important or powerful person, often providing support, assistance, or protection. The etymology of 'retinue' underscores its historical association with the idea of a group retained or kept by a notable individual, highlighting the role of these followers in the service of their leader.

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Further usage examples of retinue

1. The explorer's retinue of explorers embarked on daring expeditions.
2. The diplomat's retinue of aides supported diplomatic negotiations.
3. The religious leader's retinue of devotees followed his teachings.
4. The CEO's retinue of executives discussed corporate strategies.
5. The scientist's retinue of researchers conducted groundbreaking experiments.
6. The artist's retinue of assistants helped create magnificent artworks.
7. The fashion designer's retinue prepared for the runway show.
8. The astronaut's retinue celebrated her historic space mission.
9. The athlete's retinue of coaches and trainers supported training.
10. The musician's retinue of roadies ensured smooth performances.
11. The crime boss's retinue of enforcers carried out his orders.
12. The politician's retinue of supporters campaigned vigorously.
13. The tech mogul's retinue of programmers developed innovative software.
14. The royal's retinue of servants attended to their needs.
15. The cult leader's retinue followed his teachings zealously.
16. The author's retinue of fans eagerly awaited book releases.
17. The philanthropist's retinue organized charitable events.
18. The warlord's retinue of soldiers followed him into battle.
19. The billionaire's retinue of lawyers handled legal matters.
20. The guru's retinue of disciples meditated together.
21. The historian's retinue of researchers delved into the past.
22. The king's retinue of advisors provided counsel.
23. The business magnate's retinue of assistants managed his empire.
24. The educator's retinue of students attended lectures and seminars.



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