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How to pronounce excogitate (audio)

Dictionary definition of excogitate

To carefully think through or ponder a problem, idea, or concept in order to develop a solution or understanding.
"The chess player needed to excogitate a new move to counter his opponent's attack."

Detailed meaning of excogitate

It involves using one's mental faculties to deliberately and systematically analyze and consider various options and perspectives in order to arrive at a reasoned conclusion or solution. Excogitation is often associated with complex or difficult problems that require creative thinking or deep analysis, and it may involve considering multiple factors, weighing different options, and exploring alternative approaches. This process of excogitation can lead to new insights, innovative solutions, and a deeper understanding of complex issues.

Example sentences containing excogitate

1. The philosopher took years to excogitate his theory on the meaning of existence.
2. In her lab, the scientist began to excogitate a new approach to renewable energy.
3. The author secluded himself to excogitate the complex plot of his upcoming novel.
4. They formed a committee to excogitate solutions for the company's financial woes.
5. As a mathematician, he had to excogitate multiple theorems for his groundbreaking paper.
6. She sat quietly to excogitate her feelings before having a crucial conversation.

History and etymology of excogitate

The verb 'excogitate' has its etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'excogitare,' which combines 'ex-' (meaning 'out of' or 'thoroughly') and 'cogitare' (meaning 'to think' or 'to consider'). Therefore, 'excogitate' etymologically signifies 'to think out thoroughly' or 'to think through.' In contemporary usage, 'excogitate' describes the act of carefully thinking through or pondering a problem, idea, or concept in order to develop a solution or understanding. The etymology of 'excogitate' underscores the idea of comprehensive and thoughtful consideration, emphasizing the process of deeply contemplating and working out complex thoughts or issues.

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Further usage examples of excogitate

1. During the brainstorming session, team members were asked to excogitate new ideas.
2. The chess grandmaster took his time to excogitate a series of strategic moves.
3. Before starting the project, they met to excogitate the potential challenges ahead.
4. Every evening, we excogitate strategies for the upcoming business meeting.
5. In the silence of the library, students excogitate on their theses.
6. To solve this complex puzzle, we must excogitate a fresh approach.
7. He would often excogitate his thoughts into poetry, revealing his profound wisdom.
8. Through meditation, monks excogitate philosophical truths.
9. As she gazed at the painting, she began to excogitate its hidden meanings.
10. Engineers frequently excogitate innovative technologies to improve our quality of life.
11. Criminals excogitate cunning plans, but detectives are always a step ahead.
12. Mathematicians excogitate new theories to push the boundaries of our understanding.
13. Writers often excogitate intriguing plot twists to keep readers on their toes.
14. We should excogitate all possible outcomes before making a crucial decision.
15. In this challenging economy, we need to excogitate new ways to stay profitable.
16. At the intersection of art and science, creators excogitate unique concepts.
17. Researchers excogitate potential cures for diseases that have long plagued humanity.
18. When he started to excogitate ideas for his novel, it was as if a new world opened up to him.
19. As a philosopher, she loved to excogitate about the mysteries of the universe.
20. The team began to excogitate strategies for the upcoming championship game.
21. With the current environmental crisis, we need to excogitate sustainable solutions quickly.



devise, disregard, ignore, neglect


Analytical and Interpretive, Effort and Exertion, Thought and Mind

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