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How to pronounce excursion (audio)

Dictionary definition of excursion

A short trip or journey, usually for pleasure or a specific purpose.
"She went on an excursion to the nearby city to explore the museums."

Detailed meaning of excursion

It can be a day trip or a longer trip, but it is usually a temporary departure from one's usual routine or place of residence. Excursions can be organized by travel agencies, schools, or other groups, and can include activities such as sightseeing, hiking, or visiting historical or cultural sites.

It can also refer to a deviation or a departure from a main course of action or a usual path, as in a excursion from a topic in a conversation or from a main subject in a book.

In general, the term implies that there is a short trip or journey, usually for pleasure or a specific purpose, whether it's a day trip or a longer trip, and that it can include different activities, and that it's a temporary departure from one's usual routine or place of residence.

Example sentences containing excursion

1. We went on a thrilling mountain excursion during our vacation.
2. The school organized a field excursion to the local museum.
3. I booked an excursion to explore the coral reefs while visiting the island.
4. The excursion to the national park offered breathtaking views of the scenery.
5. The tour guide provided interesting facts during our city excursion.
6. We enjoyed a relaxing boat excursion along the river.

History and etymology of excursion

The noun 'excursion' traces its origins back to the Latin word 'excursio,' which is derived from the verb 'excurrere.' 'Excurrere' is a compound of 'ex,' meaning 'out of,' and 'currere,' meaning 'to run.' Thus, the etymology of 'excursion' can be understood as a journey that involves venturing out or running out from one's usual location or routine. Over time, this term found its way into Middle English as 'excursioun' and eventually evolved into the modern English word 'excursion.' This etymology encapsulates the essence of a short journey or trip, often taken for pleasure or a specific purpose, where one temporarily departs from their regular activities or surroundings.

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Further usage examples of excursion

1. The excursion to the historic site gave us insights into the past.
2. The excursion to the amusement park was a highlight of the trip.
3. We signed up for an excursion to visit the ancient ruins.
4. The excursion included a guided hike through the forest.
5. The excursion to the vineyard offered a wine tasting experience.
6. We embarked on an exciting safari excursion to spot wildlife.
7. The excursion to the waterfall allowed us to swim in its refreshing waters.
8. The excursion to the art gallery showcased masterpieces from renowned artists.
9. We took an adventurous ATV excursion through rugged terrain.
10. The excursion to the chocolate factory delighted our taste buds.
11. The excursion to the botanical garden showcased a wide variety of plant species.
12. We joined a guided excursion to explore the underground caves.
13. The excursion to the historical landmark provided a glimpse into the past.
14. We participated in a guided snorkeling excursion to explore the vibrant marine life.



trip, stay, hiatus, rest


Suffix -sion, ACT 9 (American College Testing), Duration and Transience, Travel and Transportation

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