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How to pronounce exemption (audio)


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Dictionary definition of exemption

A status or privilege that excuses someone or something from fulfilling a particular requirement or obligation.
"The medical exemption excused the athlete from the fitness test."


Detailed meaning of exemption

It indicates that the individual or entity in question is not subject to the usual rules or standards that apply to others in a similar situation. Exemptions can be granted on the basis of various factors, such as age, income, health, or membership in a particular group. An exemption may be temporary or permanent, and can be revoked or modified under certain circumstances. Generally, exemptions are given to provide a certain degree of flexibility or leniency in the application of rules or laws, or to acknowledge certain unique circumstances that warrant special treatment.

Example sentences containing exemption

1. Students with a high GPA may be eligible for an exemption from certain courses.
2. The company granted him an exemption from attending the mandatory training session.
3. The tax law provides exemptions for low-income individuals.
4. People with certain medical conditions may qualify for a vaccine exemption.
5. The organization granted him an exemption from paying membership fees due to his volunteer work.
6. The new policy allows for exemptions in cases of extreme hardship.

History and etymology of exemption

The noun 'exemption' has its origins in the Latin word 'exemptio,' which is derived from 'eximere,' meaning 'to take out' or 'to remove.' In the context of 'exemption,' this etymology conveys the idea of taking someone or something out of the normal or expected requirement or obligation. Over time, the term 'exemption' came to signify a status or privilege that excuses someone or something from fulfilling a particular requirement or obligation, often due to specific circumstances, legal provisions, or recognized privileges. The etymology of 'exemption' underscores the concept of removing or lifting a burden or responsibility, highlighting the special status it grants to individuals or entities in various contexts, such as taxation or military service.

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Further usage examples of exemption

1. The employee received an exemption from working overtime due to personal reasons.
2. Some religious institutions have exemptions from certain government regulations.
3. The law offers exemptions for certain agricultural practices.
4. He applied for an exemption from jury duty based on his role as a primary caregiver.
5. The athlete was granted an exemption to compete in the championship despite his injury.
6. The government provides exemptions for certain types of charitable organizations.
7. The university offers exemptions from language requirements for international students.
8. The building received an exemption from height restrictions due to its historical significance.
9. The employee requested an exemption from the dress code policy due to cultural reasons.
10. The exemption for small businesses helped alleviate the burden of compliance.
11. The law provides exemptions for military personnel during times of war.
12. The organization offers exemptions for members who meet specific criteria.
13. The student received an exemption from the final exam based on exceptional academic performance.
14. The legislation includes exemptions for individuals with disabilities.



immunity, obligation, requirement, duty


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