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How to pronounce exhortation (audio)


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Dictionary definition of exhortation

A passionate or earnest address, speech, or appeal aimed at encouraging, urging, or advising someone to take specific actions or adopt a particular mindset.
"The coach delivered a powerful exhortation to the team before the championship game."

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Detailed meaning of exhortation

It involves the act of offering guidance, counsel, or motivation to others in order to inspire them towards a desired course of action or behavior. Exhortations are often delivered with enthusiasm, conviction, and a sense of urgency, aiming to persuade or convince individuals to pursue a specific path or make certain choices. They can be found in various contexts, such as motivational speeches, religious sermons, or personal interactions where someone imparts wisdom, encouragement, or advice to others. Exhortations are designed to inspire and uplift, aiming to spur individuals towards positive change, personal growth, or the attainment of specific goals.

Example sentences containing exhortation

1. The pastor delivered an inspiring exhortation to the congregation, urging them to live with purpose.
2. The coach's exhortation motivated the team to give their best effort during the game.
3. The politician's exhortation for unity resonated with the crowd, sparking a wave of applause.
4. The teacher's exhortation to study harder motivated the students to improve their grades.
5. The CEO's exhortation for innovation encouraged employees to think outside the box.
6. The exhortation to practice kindness towards others is a valuable lesson for children.

History and etymology of exhortation

The term 'exhortation' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'exhortatio,' which is formed from the verb 'exhortari,' consisting of 'ex-' meaning 'thoroughly' and 'hortari' meaning 'to encourage' or 'to urge.' This etymological origin underscores the core essence of the word itself, as an exhortation is a passionate and earnest address or speech aimed at thoroughly encouraging or urging someone to take specific actions or adopt a particular mindset. It embodies the idea of strong encouragement and motivation, rooted in its Latin roots, where the prefix 'ex-' intensifies the act of urging or advising.

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Further usage examples of exhortation

1. The exhortation to conserve water during a drought is crucial for sustainable living.
2. The exhortation to embrace diversity promotes a more inclusive society.
3. The exhortation to pursue one's dreams inspired many aspiring artists.
4. The exhortation to stay true to one's values guided the ethical decisions of the organization.
5. The motivational speaker's exhortation ignited a fire within the audience, inspiring them to chase their dreams.
6. The preacher's exhortation to live a life of compassion and kindness resonated with the congregation.
7. The politician's exhortation for citizens to exercise their right to vote sparked a wave of civic engagement.
8. The teacher's exhortation to never give up on their dreams stayed with the students long after graduation.
9. The mentor's exhortation to take risks and embrace failure as a stepping stone to success was truly impactful.
10. The parent's exhortation to always strive for excellence became a guiding principle for their children.
11. The trainer's exhortation to push through the pain and give their all during the workout motivated the participants.
12. The author's exhortation to embrace vulnerability and authenticity struck a chord with readers.
13. The leader's exhortation to work together as a team created a sense of unity and shared purpose.
14. The commencement speaker's exhortation to make a positive difference in the world inspired the graduating class.
15. The mentor's exhortation to maintain a growth mindset and embrace continuous learning was instrumental in their success.



urging, discouragement, dissuasion, deterrent


SAT 11 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Communication and Expression, Persuasion and Negotiation

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