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support, discouragement, obstruction, demotivation


Prefix en-, Suffix -ment, ACT 3 (American College Testing), Help and Support, Confidence and Optimism



How to pronounce encouragement (audio)


Dictionary definition of encouragement

The act of providing support, motivation, or inspiration to someone in order to boost their confidence, morale, or determination.
"She showered him with encouragement, reminding him of his strength and resilience."

Detailed meaning of encouragement

It encompasses a range of positive actions, such as offering words of praise, expressing belief in someone's abilities, or providing assistance and guidance during challenging times. Encouragement serves as a catalyst for personal growth, pushing individuals to overcome obstacles, take risks, and pursue their goals with renewed enthusiasm. It instills a sense of empowerment and reassurance, reminding individuals that they are capable of achieving success and that their efforts are valued. By fostering a supportive environment and offering genuine encouragement, we can uplift and inspire others, helping them unlock their full potential and navigate the journey towards their dreams.

Example sentences containing encouragement

1. Her words of encouragement gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams.
2. The coach's encouragement motivated the team to give their best performance.
3. I appreciate your constant encouragement during this challenging time.
4. The teacher's encouragement helped the shy student participate in class discussions.
5. She received a lot of encouragement from her friends before the big presentation.
6. The audience's applause served as an encouragement for the young musician.

History and etymology of encouragement

The noun 'encouragement' is derived from the verb 'encourage,' which can be traced back to Old French 'encoragement' and ultimately to the Latin term 'incoraggiamentum.' In Latin, 'in' signifies 'in,' and 'cor' means 'heart,' with the addition of the suffix '-agium,' indicating an action or process. Thus, 'encouragement' originates from the idea of an action that uplifts or strengthens the heart and spirit. It embodies the concept of providing support, motivation, or inspiration to someone in order to boost their confidence, morale, or determination, highlighting its historical connection to instilling courage and positive emotions in individuals, as reflected in its etymology.

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Further usage examples of encouragement

1. His parents' encouragement pushed him to excel in his studies.
2. The mentor's encouragement inspired her to start her own business.
3. The artist received an outpouring of encouragement from fans after releasing her new album.
4. The team captain's words of encouragement boosted the morale of the players.
5. The encouragement from her colleagues motivated her to take on a leadership role.
6. His determination was fueled by the encouragement of his loved ones.
7. She found encouragement in the success stories of others who faced similar challenges.
8. The support and encouragement from her family gave her the strength to overcome obstacles.
9. The encouragement from her coach helped her push through the final lap of the race.
10. The boss provided constant encouragement to the employees, recognizing their efforts.
11. The community rallied together to provide words of encouragement to those affected by the tragedy.
12. The encouragement from her mentors guided her towards a successful career path.
13. The student received an award for her outstanding encouragement and support of her peers.
14. The book offers practical advice and encouragement for those pursuing their passions.

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