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How to pronounce exposure (audio)

Dictionary definition of exposure

The state or condition of being subjected to or experiencing something, typically involving the contact or interaction with external elements, influences, or situations.
"Her frequent exposure to different cultures broadened her perspective on the world."

Detailed meaning of exposure

It often implies being in a position where one is vulnerable or susceptible to the effects or consequences of certain factors. Exposure can be physical, such as to the elements or harmful substances, or it can be non-physical, encompassing experiences, ideas, or information. It can involve risks, opportunities, or revelations. In various contexts, exposure can refer to the act of making something visible, known, or accessible to others, such as through media coverage or public presentation. Additionally, exposure can pertain to the degree of familiarity, knowledge, or skill acquired through firsthand experience or observation. Whether positive or negative, exposure offers a chance for growth, learning, development, and understanding, as well as potential risks and challenges that come with being exposed to the unknown or unfamiliar.

Example sentences containing exposure

1. The company's advertising campaign aimed to increase brand exposure.
2. The construction worker wore protective gear to minimize exposure to hazardous materials.
3. The artist's work gained significant exposure after being featured in a renowned gallery.
4. The documentary shed light on the harmful effects of environmental exposure to pollutants.
5. The child's exposure to diverse languages at a young age facilitated language acquisition.
6. The cybersecurity team investigated the data breach to identify the extent of exposure.

History and etymology of exposure

The noun 'exposure' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'expositio,' which is derived from 'exponere,' a compound of 'ex-' meaning 'out' and 'ponere' meaning 'to place' or 'to put.' This etymology captures the essence of 'exposure' as the state or condition of being subjected to or experiencing something by putting oneself or something out, typically involving contact or interaction with external elements, influences, or situations. The prefix 'ex-' implies an outward movement, while 'ponere' signifies the act of placing or putting. Therefore, 'exposure' embodies the concept of coming into contact with external factors or being placed in certain situations, deeply rooted in its Latin origins, where 'exposition' referred to the act of presenting or putting something out for observation or interaction.

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Further usage examples of exposure

1. The health official emphasized the importance of minimizing exposure to contagious diseases.
2. The athlete's success brought exposure to their small hometown.
3. The company faced a public relations crisis due to the exposure of unethical practices.
4. The therapist helped the client confront their fear of public exposure.
5. His prolonged exposure to the sun caused a severe sunburn.
6. The film explores the exposure of secrets within a family.
7. She gained valuable exposure to different cultures while traveling.
8. The athlete's early exposure to sports shaped his career.
9. Exposure to new ideas sparked her creativity.
10. The company's success was due to its global exposure.
11. He faced legal issues due to exposure of confidential data.
12. Her exposure to nature brought inner peace.
13. The child's exposure to art began at a young age.
14. The documentary highlighted the exposure of corruption.
15. Exposure to diverse viewpoints broadened his perspective.
16. Early exposure to music led to her passion for singing.
17. The photographer captured the stunning exposure of wildlife.
18. Exposure to adversity built resilience in the team.
19. His exposure to risk-taking paid off in entrepreneurship.
20. The study focused on the harmful effects of UV exposure.
21. His accidental exposure to the virus led to illness.
22. The author's book gained international exposure.
23. Exposure to toxins in the environment can be harmful.
24. Her exposure to humanitarian work inspired her career choice.



revelation, protection, shielding, concealment


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