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How to pronounce famished (audio)


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Dictionary definition of famished

Extremely hungry, often to the point of feeling weak and desperate for sustenance.
"She was famished after her workout and needed to refuel."


Detailed meaning of famished

It is used to describe a person who is extremely hungry, to the point of feeling weak or lightheaded. For example, a person who has not eaten for several days might be described as famished. The word can also be used to describe a situation where food is scarce and people are suffering from hunger as a result. Famished can also be used in a figurative context, to express a strong desire or need for something, not necessarily food. In this sense, it can describe a person who is eager to achieve a goal, or somebody who is desperate for something. Overall, the word "famished" is used to convey a state of extreme hunger or starvation, or a strong desire for something.

Example sentences containing famished

1. He was famished after the long hike and needed something to eat.
2. The refugees were famished, and had not had a proper meal in days.
3. She was famished, and her stomach was growling with hunger.
4. The prisoners were famished, and had not been given enough food to eat.
5. He was famished, and ate three plates of food at dinner.
6. The stranded hikers were famished, and had run out of food.

History and etymology of famished

The adjective 'famished' has its etymological origins in Old French and Latin. It is derived from the Old French word 'fameis,' which means 'hungry' or 'starving,' and can be traced back to the Latin word 'fames,' meaning 'hunger.' When someone is described as 'famished,' it signifies that they are extremely hungry, often to the point of feeling weak and desperate for sustenance. This intense hunger is characterized by a pressing need for food to alleviate the pangs of starvation. The etymology of 'famished' underscores its historical connection to the fundamental human experience of hunger, highlighting the severity and urgency of this physical condition when it is described as such.

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Further usage examples of famished

1. The animal was famished, and had not eaten in days.
2. The children were famished, and begged for something to eat.
3. The travelers were famished after their long journey and needed sustenance.
4. He felt famished after skipping breakfast, and needed to eat something.
5. The soldiers were famished, and had not been able to eat properly during the battle.
6. After the long hike, we were famished and eagerly devoured the picnic.
7. The aroma of home-cooked lasagna made me feel even more famished.
8. Lost in the wilderness, they grew increasingly famished and weak.
9. Being stuck in traffic made me feel famished as I longed for dinner.
10. The sight of the Thanksgiving feast left me famished with anticipation.
11. He arrived at the all-you-can-eat buffet, utterly famished.
12. Wandering through the desert, they became utterly famished.
13. The delicious smell of grilling burgers left me famished.
14. After the marathon, I was so famished that I ate everything in sight.
15. The smell of baking bread made her feel even more famished.
16. Lost in the wilderness, they were famished and desperate for food.
17. I skipped breakfast, and now I'm absolutely famished.
18. Hours of gardening left us famished and ready for a hearty meal.
19. The hike through the mountains made us all feel famished.
20. The tantalizing aroma of pizza made her feel famished.
21. The spicy scent of Indian curry left me famished.
22. The long flight left me feeling famished, craving a good meal.
23. They ran out of snacks during the road trip, leaving everyone famished.
24. Stuck in the elevator, we grew increasingly famished.
25. The delicious scent of baking cookies made the children feel famished.



starving, full, satiated, satisfied


Consumption and Utilization, Determination and Tenacity, Food and Drink

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