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How to pronounce malnourished (audio)

Dictionary definition of malnourished

Suffering from a lack of proper nutrition or inadequate nourishment.
"The malnourished child appeared thin and frail, with visible bones protruding from their body."

Detailed meaning of malnourished

It signifies a state of being undernourished or deficient in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for healthy growth and functioning. A malnourished person typically exhibits physical signs such as emaciation, weight loss, weakened immune system, and stunted growth. This condition can result from various factors, including insufficient food intake, poor diet quality, limited access to nutritious food, or underlying medical conditions that hinder nutrient absorption or utilization. Malnourishment can have severe consequences on physical and mental health, impairing bodily functions, compromising immune response, and hindering cognitive development. Addressing malnutrition requires interventions that aim to provide adequate and balanced nutrition, promoting proper growth, recovery, and overall well-being.

Example sentences containing malnourished

1. The veterinarian treated a malnourished dog, providing a specialized diet to help it regain strength.
2. The malnourished plants wilted and had yellowing leaves due to the lack of essential nutrients.
3. The malnourished refugees arrived at the camp, desperately in need of food and medical attention.
4. The malnourished athlete struggled to perform at their usual level due to a lack of proper fuel for their body.
5. The doctor identified the symptoms of a malnourished patient, such as fatigue and weak immune system.
6. The malnourished stray cat eagerly devoured the food left out for it, showing signs of hunger and neglect.

History and etymology of malnourished

The adjective 'malnourished' has a straightforward etymology that directly aligns with its meaning. It combines two elements: 'mal,' which originates from the Latin word 'malus,' meaning 'bad' or 'poor,' and 'nourished,' derived from the Latin word 'nutrire,' meaning 'to nourish' or 'to feed.' Therefore, 'malnourished' essentially means being in a state of poor or inadequate nourishment. This etymology underscores the condition of suffering from a lack of proper nutrition, where the prefix 'mal' conveys the negative aspect of the nourishment, highlighting the deficiency or insufficiency in sustaining a healthy and well-fed state.

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Further usage examples of malnourished

1. The rescue organization worked tirelessly to rehabilitate malnourished animals and find them loving homes.
2. The malnourished elderly woman suffered from brittle bones and frequent infections.
3. The malnourished children in the impoverished village were provided with nutritious meals to improve their health.
4. The malnourished horse was taken to a sanctuary where it could receive proper care and nourishment.
5. The malnourished population in the drought-stricken region required urgent aid to prevent further health complications.
6. The malnourished child needed immediate medical attention.
7. Many malnourished refugees arrived at the camp.
8. Malnourished animals were found in distress.
9. The orphanage cared for malnourished children.
10. Malnourished plants struggle to grow.
11. The malnourished dog was taken in by a rescue organization.
12. Malnourished communities face health challenges.
13. A malnourished body is more susceptible to illness.
14. The malnourished population lacked access to nutritious food.
15. Doctors worked tirelessly to treat malnourished patients.
16. Malnourished infants require special care.
17. The malnourished horses were rescued from neglect.
18. Malnourished individuals may suffer from developmental issues.
19. Malnourished seniors need proper nutrition for their health.
20. The malnourished crops resulted from a drought.
21. Malnourished children are at risk of stunted growth.
22. Malnourished athletes often struggle with performance.
23. The malnourished population faced a food crisis.
24. NGOs provide relief to malnourished communities.
25. Malnourished patients must follow a balanced diet for recovery.



undernourished, well-fed, nourished, healthy


Prefix mal-, SAT 19 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Medical Conditions and Treatments, Health and Hygiene

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