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How to pronounce fantasy (audio)


Dictionary definition of fantasy

An imaginative or fictional concept, often characterized by elements of wonder, magic, or unreality.
"He immersed himself in the fantasy world of dragons and wizards."

Detailed meaning of fantasy

It encompasses a wide range of imaginative creations, including stories, settings, characters, or events that exist beyond the boundaries of reality. Fantasies often involve elements such as mythical creatures, supernatural powers, alternate worlds, or extraordinary adventures. They can be found in various forms of entertainment, such as literature, film, art, and games. Engaging with fantasy allows individuals to escape from the constraints of everyday life and immerse themselves in a realm of limitless possibilities. It taps into the human desire for escapism, offering a means to explore and experience worlds and situations that are fantastical and dreamlike. Whether it be through the pages of a book, the images on a screen, or the strokes of an artist's brush, fantasy provides a gateway to imagination and a realm where anything is possible.

Example sentences containing fantasy

1. The book took readers on an enchanting journey through a land of fantasy.
2. The child's vivid imagination led to elaborate fantasies of being a superhero.
3. The movie captured the essence of fantasy with its breathtaking visual effects.
4. He daydreamed about faraway lands and mythical creatures, lost in his own fantasy.
5. The online game allowed players to create their own fantasy characters and embark on epic quests.
6. The fantasy novel became an instant bestseller, captivating readers with its imaginative storyline.

History and etymology of fantasy

The noun 'fantasy' has a rich etymology rooted in the world of imagination and creativity. It traces its origins to the Old French word 'fantaisie,' which was borrowed from the Latin term 'phantasia.' In Latin, 'phantasia' referred to the faculty of imagination and the power to create mental images. Over time, in both Old French and Middle English, 'fantasy' evolved to describe imaginative or fictional concepts, often characterized by elements of wonder, magic, or unreality. It embodies the idea of a mental realm where extraordinary and imaginative ideas come to life, reflecting its etymological heritage in the concept of the imaginative power of the mind as well as the influence of both Latin and Old French on its development.

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Further usage examples of fantasy

1. She enjoyed painting fantastical landscapes filled with magical creatures and vibrant colors.
2. The theme park was a paradise for fans of fantasy, with its whimsical rides and enchanted atmosphere.
3. The artist's illustrations brought to life a realm of fantasy and imagination.
4. The fantasy board game invited players to explore a mystical realm and conquer mythical beasts.
5. His room was adorned with posters and figurines from his favorite fantasy movies and novels.
6. His favorite book genre is fantasy, filled with mythical creatures.
7. She escaped reality through the pages of a captivating fantasy novel.
8. The movie's special effects brought the fantasy world to life.
9. As a child, he often daydreamed about far-off fantasy realms.
10. The video game transported players into a virtual fantasy realm.
11. Writing fantasy stories allowed her to explore limitless creativity.
12. The fantasy film had breathtaking landscapes and magical beings.
13. They embarked on an epic quest in a vividly imagined fantasy world.
14. The artist's paintings depicted enchanting fantasy landscapes.
15. The convention celebrated all things related to fantasy fiction.
16. The fantasy board game featured mythical creatures and quests.
17. Her costume was inspired by a famous fantasy movie character.
18. The book's cover showcased a captivating fantasy illustration.
19. The library had a dedicated section for classic fantasy literature.
20. His dream job was to write fantasy novels for a living.
21. The cosplay event was a gathering of fantasy enthusiasts.
22. The fantasy series had a dedicated fan following for decades.
23. The video game had a complex storyline set in a rich fantasy realm.
24. The fantasy movie franchise spanned multiple sequels and spin-offs.
25. The author created an intricate map for his fantasy book's world.

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