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How to pronounce ferocious (audio)

Dictionary definition of ferocious

Marked by extreme and often intense aggressiveness, violence, or wildness.
"The ferocious dog barked aggressively at anyone who approached its territory."

Detailed meaning of ferocious

When an animal, person, or force of nature is labeled as ferocious, it suggests a high level of intensity and fierceness in their actions or demeanor. Ferocious animals are known for their savage or predatory behaviors, while ferocious storms or fires are characterized by their destructive and uncontrollable nature. In human contexts, a ferocious individual may exhibit extreme anger, hostility, or aggression, often driven by intense emotions or a powerful desire to overcome an obstacle. This term conveys a sense of untamed power and intensity, often associated with formidable and overwhelming force or behavior.

Example sentences containing ferocious

1. The storm was ferocious, tearing down trees and power lines.
2. The lion gave a ferocious roar that echoed throughout the savannah.
3. Her ferocious determination led her to win the gold medal.
4. The soldiers faced ferocious resistance from the enemy.
5. The debate between the two politicians was ferocious.
6. The young athlete has a ferocious appetite for success.

History and etymology of ferocious

The adjective 'ferocious' has its origins in the Latin word 'ferox,' which meant 'fierce' or 'savage.' 'Ferox' itself derived from 'ferus,' meaning 'wild' or 'untamed.' In essence, 'ferocious' can be seen as an extension of this concept, describing something or someone marked by extreme and often intense aggressiveness, violence, or wildness. The term has retained its connection to the untamed and wild nature of things, emphasizing the aggressive and violent aspects, making it a fitting descriptor for behaviors or entities characterized by their fierce and untamed demeanor.

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Further usage examples of ferocious

1. The heat was ferocious, making it impossible to step outside.
2. The basketball player's ferocious dunk electrified the crowd.
3. The hiker survived a ferocious bear attack in the woods.
4. She defended her thesis with ferocious intensity.
5. His ferocious bark is much worse than his bite.
6. The firefighters battled the ferocious blaze all night.
7. His ferocious dedication to his work resulted in many breakthroughs.
8. The ferocious winds from the hurricane shattered windows.
9. Despite the ferocious competition, she managed to secure the scholarship.
10. She has a ferocious passion for environmental conservation.
11. The critics were ferocious in their condemnation of the film.
12. The drummer's ferocious rhythm energized the concert crowd.
13. He fought the illness with ferocious strength and positivity.
14. The ferocious waves battered the coastline during the storm.



savage, gentle, tame, mild


Fear and Ferocity, Gloom and Unpleasantness, Disgust and Aversion, Hostility and Brutality, Violence and Aggression

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