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How to pronounce fervent (audio)

Dictionary definition of fervent

Describing a passionate, intense, and deeply emotional level of enthusiasm or commitment towards a belief, cause, or activity.
"He was a fervent fan of the local soccer team and attended every game of the season."

Detailed meaning of fervent

When we characterize someone as fervent, we emphasize their wholehearted and dedicated approach to what they believe in or are engaged with. Fervent individuals exhibit strong and unwavering devotion, often expressing their feelings or dedication with great zeal and intensity. Fervor implies a sense of fervent ardor or enthusiasm that is marked by a sincere and emotional commitment to their beliefs or actions. This term conveys a sense of deep passion and dedication, suggesting that fervent individuals are driven by strong emotions and convictions, making them fervid advocates, supporters, or participants in their chosen endeavors.

Example sentences containing fervent

1. Her fervent dedication to environmental causes is a source of inspiration for all.
2. The fervent cheers of the crowd echoed loudly throughout the stadium.
3. His fervent love for music was evident in the passion with which he played each note.
4. The speaker delivered a fervent and emotionally charged speech that deeply moved the audience.
5. The fervent pursuit of knowledge and intellectual growth is a lifelong endeavor.
6. The fervent supporters rallied with unwavering enthusiasm for their chosen candidate.

History and etymology of fervent

The adjective 'fervent' has its etymology rooted in Latin. It stems from the Latin word 'fervens,' which is the present participle of 'fervēre,' meaning 'to boil' or 'to be hot.' This connection to heat and intense temperature provides a vivid metaphorical image for the intense passion and enthusiasm that the word 'fervent' conveys. Over time, 'fervent' evolved to describe a deep emotional commitment, zeal, or ardor towards a belief, cause, or activity, akin to the fervor of something boiling over with intensity. Its etymology beautifully captures the idea of being emotionally heated or inflamed by one's convictions or pursuits.

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Further usage examples of fervent

1. During challenging times, their fervent prayers provided solace and comfort.
2. The artist's fervent creativity knew no bounds, pushing the boundaries of imagination.
3. The team's fervent spirit and determination carried them to a hard-fought victory.
4. She held a fervent belief in the transformative power of kindness and compassion.
5. Fervent volunteers dedicated countless hours to helping those in need in their community.
6. His fervent ambition and relentless work ethic were key factors in his remarkable success.
7. The poet's fervent words ignited a passionate love for literature in the hearts of readers.
8. Their fervent commitment to social justice and equality fueled their tireless activism.
9. The fervent applause from the audience was a heartfelt expression of appreciation.
10. Fervent discussions and debates on important issues shaped their decisions and perspectives.
11. The teacher's fervent encouragement and support inspired her students to excel.
12. The athlete's fervent dedication to training and improvement paid off in a triumphant victory.
13. Fervent supporters of the cause lined up for hours, eager to attend the event.
14. His fervent advocacy for human rights and equality made a profound and lasting impact.
15. The fervent love story, filled with passion and longing, touched the hearts of many.
16. Fervent believers find solace, strength, and hope in their faith during trying times.
17. The author's fervent storytelling skillfully crafted narratives that captivated readers worldwide.
18. The chef's fervent passion for cooking and culinary innovation shone through in every dish.
19. Fervent fans of the celebrity camped out for days to secure a chance to meet their idol.
20. Her fervent enthusiasm for travel and exploration led her to discover the wonders of the world.
21. The scientist's fervent dedication to research and discovery paved the way for groundbreaking breakthroughs.
22. Fervent supporters of the arts worked tirelessly to promote cultural appreciation and creativity.
23. The musician's fervent performance, filled with emotion and skill, left the audience in awe.
24. Fervent advocates for the cause dedicated themselves to raising awareness and effecting change.


passionate, indifferent, apathetic, unenthusiastic


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