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How to pronounce fervid (audio)


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Dictionary definition of fervid

Intensely enthusiastic or passionate, especially to an excessive degree.
"The fervid debate between the two scholars captivated the audience's attention."

Detailed meaning of fervid

It embodies a fervent, ardent, and enthusiastic attitude towards a particular belief, cause, or pursuit. When someone is fervid, they exhibit a high level of dedication, zeal, and fervor in their actions and expressions. Their fervid nature drives them to approach tasks with unwavering commitment and an energetic spirit. Their enthusiasm and passion are palpable, igniting a contagious fire that inspires and motivates others around them. A fervid individual possesses a burning desire to achieve their goals and invests their wholehearted energy into their endeavors, leaving no room for indifference or apathy. Their fervid nature brings forth a potent combination of determination, dedication, and emotional intensity, making them a force to be reckoned with in their pursuits.

Example sentences containing fervid

1. The speaker's fervid speech ignited the crowd, leaving them inspired and motivated.
2. Sandra's fervid dedication to her craft propelled her to new heights of success.
3. The artist's fervid brushstrokes conveyed a powerful and emotional message.
4. The team's fervid teamwork and relentless effort led them to victory.
5. His fervid enthusiasm for music was evident in every note he played.
6. The politician's fervid rhetoric stirred up strong emotions among the audience.

History and etymology of fervid

The adjective 'fervid' is rooted in the Latin word 'fervidus,' which is derived from 'fervere,' meaning 'to boil' or 'to bubble up with heat.' In its original sense, 'fervidus' described something heated or boiling, like a liquid. Over time, the term took on a metaphorical meaning, signifying intense enthusiasm or passion, often to an excessive degree. When 'fervid' made its way into English, it retained this sense of intense and fiery enthusiasm. The etymology of 'fervid' highlights its connection to the image of something boiling or bubbling with intense heat, effectively conveying the idea of passionate and enthusiastic fervor, whether in matters of love, politics, or any other aspect of life.

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Further usage examples of fervid

1. The novel's fervid storytelling transported readers to a world of passion and intrigue.
2. The coach's fervid pep talk fired up the team before the championship game.
3. The activist's fervid passion for justice inspired others to join the cause.
4. The poet's fervid verses painted vivid images and evoked deep emotions.
5. With fervid determination, she pursued her dreams against all odds, never giving up.
6. Her fervid dedication to the cause inspired everyone around her.
7. The fervid cheers of the fans echoed throughout the stadium.
8. He delivered a fervid speech that moved the audience to tears.
9. Their fervid love story captured the hearts of many.
10. The artist's fervid brush strokes conveyed raw emotion.
11. Fervid supporters rallied behind their favorite candidate.
12. A fervid debate ignited among the passionate scholars.
13. The fervid guitarist played with boundless energy on stage.
14. She expressed her fervid admiration for the legendary musician.
15. Fervid discussions about art and culture filled the room.
16. His fervid commitment to environmental causes drove change.
17. The fervid response to the charity event exceeded expectations.
18. The novel's fervid romance subplot kept readers engaged.
19. Fervid dreams fueled his relentless pursuit of success.
20. The fervid dance performance left the audience breathless.
21. Their fervid arguments often led to heated debates.
22. A fervid sense of patriotism united the citizens.
23. She approached her work with a fervid determination.
24. Fervid supporters waved banners and chanted slogans.
25. The fervid reaction to the film's ending sparked discussions.



passionate, apathetic, indifferent, unenthusiastic


SAT 5 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Vitality and Vigor, Excitement and Enthusiasm

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