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How to pronounce feud (audio)

Dictionary definition of feud

A prolonged and often bitter conflict or dispute between individuals, families, groups, or factions.
"The feud between the two sports teams resulted in fierce competition on the field."

Detailed meaning of feud

Feuds are typically characterized by deep-seated animosity, hostility, or enmity that spans an extended period. They can arise from a variety of reasons, such as conflicting interests, rivalries, perceived slights, or historical grievances. Feuds often involve a cycle of retaliatory actions and counteractions, where each party seeks retribution or revenge against the other. They can manifest in various forms, including verbal disputes, legal battles, or even violent confrontations. Feuds can have significant social or cultural implications, impacting relationships, communities, or even entire regions. They tend to persist over time, sometimes spanning multiple generations, and can become deeply entrenched within the collective memory or identity of those involved. The term "feud" encapsulates the idea of an ongoing and intense conflict characterized by hostility, animosity, and a lack of resolution.

Example sentences containing feud

1. The longstanding feud between the two families finally ended.
2. Their feud over property rights tore the community apart.
3. The political feud between the parties escalated dramatically.
4. A feud erupted between coworkers over a minor disagreement.
5. The feud between rival gangs led to violence on the streets.
6. The feud between neighbors over noise pollution continues.

History and etymology of feud

The noun 'feud' has its origins in the Old French word 'feide,' which comes from the Germanic word 'fehde.' In both Old French and Germanic languages, 'feide' and 'fehde' referred to a state of enmity, hostility, or prolonged conflict between individuals, families, groups, or factions. These conflicts were often characterized by long-standing grievances and bitterness. The term eventually made its way into Middle English as 'feud,' retaining its sense of a protracted and often bitter dispute. The etymology of 'feud' underscores its historical association with deep-seated conflicts and enduring hostilities, making it a fitting term to describe prolonged and contentious disputes that transcend generations or groups.

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Further usage examples of feud

1. The historical feud between the clans spanned generations.
2. The media fueled the feud between the celebrities.
3. A bitter feud over leadership divided the organization.
4. The feud between siblings strained family relationships.
5. A feud between nations threatened global stability.
6. A feud over resources ignited tensions in the region.
7. The feud between fans of rival sports teams was intense.
8. The workplace feud created a hostile work environment.
9. The feud between tech giants impacted the industry.
10. A feud between friends can be emotionally taxing.
11. The feud between the coach and player hurt team morale.
12. The ongoing feud between unions and management persisted.
13. The feud between business partners ended in litigation.
14. A feud over the inheritance soured family gatherings.
15. The Hatfield-McCoy feud is one of the most famous family feuds in American history.
16. The feud between the neighboring families had been going on for generations.
17. The politician's feud with his rival intensified during the election campaign.
18. The feud between the two business tycoons affected the entire industry.
19. The small town was divided due to a long-standing feud between two influential families.
20. The feud between the musicians was well-known in the music industry.
21. The feud between the landlord and the tenant led to a heated legal battle.
22. The feud between the two co-workers created a toxic work environment.
23. The feud between the neighboring countries threatened regional stability.
24. The feud between the artists escalated into a public war of words.
25. The feud between the two crime syndicates resulted in violence on the streets.



conflict, harmony, peace, agreement


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