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How to pronounce fidelity (audio)


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Dictionary definition of fidelity

The quality or state of being faithful, loyal, and true to a commitment, promise, or obligation.
"Their enduring fidelity to each other strengthened their bond over the years."


Detailed meaning of fidelity

In the context of personal relationships, it signifies unwavering loyalty and trustworthiness between individuals, particularly in romantic partnerships or friendships, where fidelity implies faithfulness and exclusivity. Fidelity also extends its meaning to the realm of technology and media, where it denotes the degree of accuracy and precision in reproducing or conveying information, often used to describe the faithfulness of audio, visual, or data representations to their source. Whether applied to human connections or the realm of technology, fidelity underscores the importance of trust, reliability, and adherence to principles, values, or standards.

Example sentences containing fidelity

1. Fidelity in marriage is often considered a cornerstone of a successful partnership.
2. His unwavering fidelity to his country led him to serve in the military for decades.
3. The couple's fidelity to their wedding vows was evident in their enduring love.
4. Trust and fidelity were the pillars of their long-lasting friendship.
5. In a world of constant change, their fidelity to their shared values was remarkable.
6. The dog's fidelity to its owner was heartwarming; it never left their side.

History and etymology of fidelity

The noun 'fidelity' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'fidelitas,' which is formed from 'fidelis,' meaning 'faithful' or 'loyal.' Therefore, 'fidelity' is directly connected to the concept of faithfulness and loyalty. It describes the quality or state of being faithful, loyal, and true to a commitment, promise, or obligation. 'Fidelity' emphasizes the idea of unwavering trustworthiness and adherence to one's word or duty. Whether applied to relationships, agreements, or principles, it underscores the steadfast and reliable nature of keeping faith and being true to one's word. The etymology of 'fidelity' reflects its historical and linguistic connection to the virtues of faithfulness and loyalty, making it a key term in discussions of trust and commitment.

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Further usage examples of fidelity

1. She appreciated her friend's fidelity, knowing she could always count on her.
2. The soldier's fidelity to his duty earned him numerous accolades.
3. Their fidelity to their religious beliefs guided their daily lives.
4. Despite the challenges they faced, their fidelity to their dreams never wavered.
5. The team's success was attributed to the fidelity of its members, who always had each other's backs.
6. His fidelity to the principles of honesty and integrity set a high standard for his colleagues.
7. The community admired her fidelity to volunteering and helping those in need.
8. Fidelity to the company's mission statement was emphasized in every training session.
9. Their fidelity to the environmental cause drove them to participate in countless conservation efforts.
10. The president's fidelity to the constitution was a central theme of his speeches.
11. The author's fidelity to historical accuracy made her novels truly immersive.
12. In times of crisis, his fidelity to his role as a leader shone brightly.
13. The coach praised the team's fidelity to their training regimen.
14. Their mutual fidelity to each other's well-being made them inseparable friends.



loyalty, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, betrayal


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