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astound, unimpress, bore, underwhelm


Drama and Overreaction, Emotional Turmoil and Tension, Disenchantment and Discontent



How to pronounce flabbergast (audio)


Dictionary definition of flabbergast

To astonish or shock someone to the point where they are unable to speak or react.
"Her ability to sing in five languages never fails to flabbergast me."

Detailed meaning of flabbergast

It suggests a sense of overwhelming surprise or disbelief, often in response to something unexpected or extraordinary. The term can be used to describe a range of situations, from hearing unexpected news to witnessing a remarkable feat. The degree of surprise conveyed by the term "flabbergast" is generally quite high, and implies a sense of being caught off-guard or unprepared for what has occurred. While the word itself has a playful and informal connotation, the emotion it describes is often quite powerful and intense.

Example sentences containing flabbergast

1. The sudden increase in company profits will flabbergast the shareholders.
2. His decision to quit his job and travel the world might flabbergast his parents.
3. The final score in the basketball game will certainly flabbergast most fans.
4. Her nonchalant attitude towards the gravity of the situation continues to flabbergast me.
5. The magician's final trick promises to flabbergast the audience.
6. The unexpected results of the experiment managed to flabbergast even the most seasoned scientists.

History and etymology of flabbergast

The verb 'flabbergast' has a somewhat uncertain etymology, but it is believed to be a blend of two words with similar meanings: 'flabby' and 'aghast.' 'Flabby' typically refers to something that is loose, weak, or lacking firmness, while 'aghast' means to be filled with shock, horror, or amazement. The fusion of these words in 'flabbergast' suggests a state of such extreme astonishment or shock that it metaphorically renders a person speechless or 'flabby' in their reaction. Although the precise origin remains somewhat elusive, 'flabbergast' effectively captures the notion of overwhelming surprise or shock that leaves someone temporarily unable to speak or react coherently.

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Further usage examples of flabbergast

1. If she wins the race against all odds, it will flabbergast everyone.
2. Your ability to remember minute details never ceases to flabbergast me.
3. The breathtaking view from the mountaintop would surely flabbergast any visitor.
4. The magician's trick will flabbergast the entire audience.
5. His knack for solving complex mathematical problems quickly will flabbergast his teacher.
6. The rate at which technology advances continues to flabbergast me.
7. The charity's success in raising funds is going to flabbergast its sponsors.
8. Your ability to remain calm in such a stressful situation would flabbergast anyone.
9. The price of the painting is sure to flabbergast potential buyers.
10. The sudden change in the weather is going to flabbergast the picnic-goers.
11. His choice to decline the scholarship will surely flabbergast his friends.
12. The sheer variety of food on the menu will flabbergast most first-time visitors.
13. His excellent performance in the final exam will flabbergast his tutor.
14. Her sudden transformation from a shy girl into a confident public speaker will flabbergast her classmates.

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