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How to pronounce flank (audio)


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Dictionary definition of flank

To position at the side or edge of something, often with the intention of providing support, protection, or coverage.
"The ship maneuvered to flank the enemy vessel and attack from the rear."

Detailed meaning of flank

It can refer to the act of placing individuals, objects, or military units on the sides of a formation or structure to guard against threats or to maintain a strategic position. In a military context, soldiers may flank an enemy to encircle or ambush them. In everyday situations, "flank" can also describe the act of positioning oneself or an object at the side of something else, such as when you flank a car in a parking lot. In this way, "flank" emphasizes the notion of being situated at the edge or side of a given area or formation, often with a specific purpose or strategic intent.

Example sentences containing flank

1. The football players strategically flank their opponents during a game.
2. The hikers decided to flank the mountain from the east side.
3. The chess player planned to flank their opponent's king with their rooks.
4. The cavalry will flank the infantry in battle, providing support and protection.
5. The runner sprinted to flank the leading competitor in the final lap.
6. The police officers positioned themselves to flank the suspect and prevent escape.

History and etymology of flank

The verb 'flank' has its origins in Old French and Middle English. It can be traced back to the Old French word 'flanc,' which referred to the side of a body or an object. This Old French term was derived from the Late Latin word 'flancus,' meaning 'side' or 'flank.' The etymology of 'flank' thus conveys the notion of positioning something at the side or edge, emphasizing the lateral aspect of an object or entity. In modern usage, 'flank' is often employed to describe the act of placing something or someone strategically at the side or edge of a formation, structure, or group, typically with the intention of providing support, protection, or coverage from that particular position.

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Further usage examples of flank

1. The dogs were trained to flank the sheep and guide them towards the pen.
2. The cars flanked the parade route, lining the streets with eager spectators.
3. The jets executed a synchronized maneuver to flank the enemy aircraft.
4. The politicians used their influence to flank the opposing party's campaign.
5. The swimmers coordinated their strokes to flank each other in a relay race.
6. The security guards were instructed to flank the VIP and ensure their safety.
7. The knights on horseback rode in formation, ready to flank the enemy forces.
8. The construction workers flanked the building site, preparing to pour concrete.
9. The musicians positioned themselves to flank the conductor on the stage.
10. The dancers moved in unison to flank the lead performer during the routine.
11. The offensive line formed a protective wall to flank the quarterback.
12. The archers were strategically positioned to flank the castle's main entrance.
13. The snipers took position on the rooftop to flank the target from a distance.
14. The soldiers moved to flank the enemy's position under cover of darkness.
15. We strategically placed security cameras to flank the entire perimeter.
16. The tall trees were meant to flank the house and shield it from the wind.
17. The bodyguards were trained to flank the VIP discreetly in public.
18. She positioned herself to flank her teammate during the relay race.
19. The mountains seemed to flank the picturesque valley on both sides.
20. To maximize airflow, we decided to flank the vents with cooling fans.
21. The defensive line was ready to flank the opposing team's offense.
22. The guards took their positions to flank the entrance to the palace.
23. The cavalry was ordered to flank the infantry and encircle the enemy.
24. Tall hedges were planted to flank the garden and provide privacy.



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