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How to pronounce floral (audio)


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Dictionary definition of floral

Relating to or characteristic of flowers.
"She wore a beautiful floral dress to the garden party."


Detailed meaning of floral

It describes patterns, designs, scents, or colors that resemble or are reminiscent of flowers. When applied to clothing or fabrics, "floral" suggests the presence of motifs or prints featuring various types of flowers, such as roses, lilies, or daisies. In the world of fragrance, "floral" denotes perfumes or scents that are derived from or inspired by the essence of flowers. Additionally, the term can also be used to describe the taste or aroma of certain teas or wines that possess floral notes. Overall, "floral" encompasses the beauty, fragrance, and visual elements associated with flowers, bringing a sense of natural elegance and freshness to the context it is used in.

Example sentences containing floral

1. The room was adorned with delicate floral wallpaper, creating a peaceful ambiance.
2. The bride carried a bouquet of fragrant floral arrangements down the aisle.
3. The air was filled with the sweet scent of floral perfumes at the flower exhibition.
4. The table was set with elegant floral china plates for the afternoon tea.
5. She received a lovely floral arrangement as a birthday gift.
6. The garden was a riot of colors with vibrant floral displays in every corner.

History and etymology of floral

The adjective 'floral' traces its origins to the Latin word 'floralis,' which is derived from 'flos,' meaning 'flower.' In Latin, 'floralis' was used to describe anything related to or characteristic of flowers. This term evolved into Old French as 'flur,' and then into Middle English as 'flour,' maintaining its association with flowers. Over time, 'flour' transformed into 'floral' in modern English, specifically denoting anything pertaining to flowers or having the qualities or characteristics of flowers. The etymology of 'floral' underscores its direct connection to the world of flowers, emphasizing its role in describing things, patterns, or designs that evoke the beauty and characteristics of blossoms and blooms.

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Further usage examples of floral

1. The bakery sold delicious cupcakes topped with edible floral decorations.
2. She picked a handful of wildflowers, enjoying their natural floral fragrance.
3. The fabric of the curtains had a subtle floral pattern, adding a touch of elegance to the room.
4. The spa offered relaxing treatments using natural floral essences and oils.
5. The springtime landscape was a breathtaking tapestry of floral beauty.
6. She wore a stunning floral dress to the garden party.
7. The room was adorned with delicate floral wallpaper.
8. The floral scent of the blossoms filled the air.
9. The bridal bouquet was a beautiful mix of floral arrangements.
10. Her paintings often featured vibrant, floral motifs.
11. The garden was a riot of colorful floral blooms.
12. The table was set with elegant floral china.
13. Floral patterns are a popular choice for spring fashion.
14. The floral centerpiece added a touch of elegance to the table.
15. Her perfume had a subtle, lingering floral fragrance.
16. The meadow was carpeted in a sea of wild floral diversity.
17. The floral design on the wedding cake was exquisite.
18. She received a bouquet of fresh, fragrant floral blooms.
19. The floral display at the botanical garden was breathtaking.
20. The invitation was adorned with a delicate floral border.
21. The vase was filled with a profusion of seasonal floral arrangements.
22. Her garden was a haven for bees and butterflies, thanks to the floral variety.
23. The floral patterns on her vintage dresses were timeless.
24. The garden party featured a vibrant floral-themed decor.
25. The springtime landscape was alive with colorful floral displays.



flowery, plain, unadorned, bare

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