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How to pronounce flutter (audio)


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Dictionary definition of flutter

To rapidly move in quick a delicate, quivering, or flapping motion, typically characterized by quick and gentle variations in direction or intensity.
"My heart started to flutter as I walked up onto the stage."


Detailed meaning of flutter

The verb "flutter" describes a rapid and often irregular or light movement of something, such as a flag, a bird's wings, or even a person's heart. When something flutters, it seems to tremble or sway in the air, creating a graceful or whimsical visual effect. This word is often used to depict the movement of objects or elements that are sensitive to even the slightest breeze, portraying a sense of fragility and grace in their motion. For instance, leaves may flutter in the wind, a butterfly may flutter from one flower to another, or eyelashes might flutter in a flirtatious manner. Overall, "flutter" captures the essence of a light and somewhat unpredictable motion, evoking a sense of delicacy and beauty.

Example sentences containing flutter

1. Bright wings flutter in the breeze, dancing gracefully among blooming flowers.
2. In the garden, butterflies flutter, creating a colorful, moving tapestry of life.
3. Feathers flutter in the wind, each one a tiny sail on the air's ocean waves.
4. Kites with tails that flutter high paint pictures against the blue sky.
5. Flags at the fair flutter gaily, adding color and life to the festivities.
6. Eyes watch leaves that flutter down, marking autumn's golden crown.

History and etymology of flutter

The verb 'flutter' has its etymological roots in Middle English. It is believed to have originated from the Middle English word 'floteren,' which meant 'to float' or 'to fly lightly.' Over time, this term evolved into 'flutter' in Modern English, retaining its sense of rapid and delicate movement, often characterized by quick and gentle variations in direction or intensity. 'Flutter' is frequently used to describe the quivering or flapping motions of things like wings, leaves, or curtains, and it conveys a sense of lightness and fleeting movement. The etymology of 'flutter' effectively conveys its historical association with quick, delicate, and quivering motion, emphasizing its role as a verb used to describe these types of rapid, gentle variations in movement.

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Further usage examples of flutter

1. Lace curtains flutter softly, whispering secrets of the world outside.
2. Pages flutter in the old book, each one telling tales of ancient look.
3. Balloons flutter against their strings, eager to dance on air's wings.
4. The moths at night flutter near the light, like stars that fell from height.
5. Ribbons on the maypole flutter, weaving patterns of color and clutter.
6. Butterflies tend to flutter in a delicate dance around the blooming flowers.
7. During the storm, the leaves started to flutter in the wind.
8. The colorful flags flutter along the sidelines during the parade.
9. Her eyes flutter open as the first rays of sunlight touch her face.
10. The banners flutter boldly against the clear, blue sky.
11. The excited crowd watched as the hummingbirds flutter around the garden.
12. Her eyelashes flutter as she tries to hold back her tears.
13. His handwritten letter caused a strange flutter in her heart.
14. At the sight of the delicious food, his stomach begins to flutter.
15. As the gentle wind blows, the girl's dress begins to flutter.
16. The moths at night flutter around the streetlights, creating a surreal atmosphere.
17. Papers begin to flutter about the room when the breeze from the window hits them.
18. You can watch the birds flutter around the feeder every morning.
19. My nerves always seem to flutter right before a big presentation.
20. The curtain fluttered gently with each gust of wind.
21. I love to watch the kites flutter in the sky on a breezy day.
22. Fluttering pages of the old book revealed hidden secrets and tales.
23. The candles flickered, making the shadows on the wall flutter and dance.
24. The tent flaps fluttered in the cool night breeze as the campfire flickered.



flap, still, calm, stabilize


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