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How to pronounce forbearance (audio)

Dictionary definition of forbearance

The act or quality of exercising patience, self-control, and restraint, particularly in difficult or challenging situations.
"The couple's relationship thrived because of their mutual forbearance and understanding."

Detailed meaning of forbearance

It is the ability to withstand adversity, delay gratification, or endure hardship with composure and understanding. Forbearance often involves showing tolerance, forgiveness, or leniency towards others, even when faced with provocation, disagreement, or conflict. It is an expression of resilience, maturity, and empathy, allowing individuals to navigate complex social dynamics or personal struggles with a level-headed and understanding approach. Forbearance can also pertain to the willingness to delay or modify one's own needs or desires for the sake of maintaining harmony, peace, or respect in relationships or larger social contexts. It is a virtue that encourages empathy, compassion, and the ability to see beyond immediate frustrations or challenges in order to promote understanding and goodwill.

Example sentences containing forbearance

1. His forbearance in the face of criticism impressed everyone around him.
2. The teacher demonstrated great forbearance in dealing with the misbehaving student.
3. I admire her forbearance in handling the challenging circumstances with grace.
4. The negotiations required patience and forbearance from both parties.
5. The manager showed forbearance by giving her employees a second chance to improve.
6. It took considerable forbearance to listen to the lengthy and repetitive speech.

History and etymology of forbearance

The noun 'forbearance' is derived from the verb 'forbear,' which has its origins in Old English. In Old English, 'forberan' meant to endure, carry on, or abstain from something intensely. Over time, 'forbearance' emerged as a noun form of 'forbear,' and it came to signify the act or quality of exercising patience, self-control, and restraint, particularly in difficult or challenging situations. 'Forbearance' encapsulates the idea of enduring or abstaining from action with patience and self-discipline, often in the face of adversity or provocation. The etymology of 'forbearance' underscores its historical connection to the concept of exercising restraint and maintaining composure, emphasizing its role in describing the capacity to endure difficulties and challenges with grace and self-control.

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Further usage examples of forbearance

1. The family's financial struggles tested their forbearance and resilience.
2. The leader's forbearance in dealing with difficult team members earned their respect.
3. The child's tantrums tested her parents' forbearance on a daily basis.
4. The project faced numerous setbacks, but the team's forbearance allowed them to persevere.
5. The politician's forbearance in the face of personal attacks showcased her strength and integrity.
6. Her forbearance in the face of adversity is truly admirable.
7. Forbearance is a virtue that helps maintain harmonious relationships.
8. The negotiations succeeded due to their mutual forbearance.
9. Demonstrating forbearance can diffuse tense situations.
10. The teacher praised the students for their forbearance during exams.
11. In leadership, forbearance is key to earning trust.
12. Forbearance in times of crisis can lead to better outcomes.
13. A relationship built on forbearance is strong and enduring.
14. The diplomat's forbearance was instrumental in the peace talks.
15. Forbearance is the foundation of effective conflict resolution.
16. To achieve success, one must cultivate forbearance.
17. Their forbearance during the project's setbacks was remarkable.
18. The athlete's forbearance in training paid off in competition.
19. Forbearance allows us to weather life's storms with grace.
20. In times of uncertainty, forbearance can offer stability.
21. Forbearance is an essential trait for a therapist.
22. Leaders must model forbearance to inspire their teams.
23. Family bonds are strengthened through mutual forbearance.
24. Her forbearance in adversity serves as an inspiration to others.
25. Forbearance can transform challenges into opportunities for growth.



patience, impatience, intolerance, hastiness


Suffix -ance, Burden and Stress, Devotion and Discipline, Effort and Exertion, Perseverance and Fortitude, Discipline and Resolve

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