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How to pronounce foresee (audio)

Dictionary definition of foresee

To predict or anticipate an event or outcome before it happens.
"She could foresee the conflict escalating if immediate action was not taken."

Detailed meaning of foresee

It involves using knowledge, intuition, or logical reasoning to envision or perceive what may occur in the future. When someone foresees something, they possess an ability to look ahead and have insight into potential developments or consequences. It can involve considering various factors, trends, or patterns to make an educated estimation about what is likely to happen. Foreseeing requires a certain level of foresight, imagination, and analytical thinking. It allows individuals to prepare, plan, or make informed decisions based on their projections of future events. Foreseeing is a valuable skill that helps people navigate uncertainties, identify opportunities, and mitigate risks by envisioning potential outcomes and acting accordingly.

Example sentences containing foresee

1. The economist could foresee the potential impact of the policy on the economy.
2. The fortune teller claimed to foresee the future through her psychic abilities.
3. The experienced captain could foresee the approaching storm and made preparations.
4. The CEO could foresee the market trends and adjusted the company's strategy accordingly.
5. I didn't foresee the challenges that would arise during the project.
6. The scientist could foresee the potential implications of the groundbreaking discovery.

History and etymology of foresee

The verb 'foresee' is a combination of two elements: 'fore' and 'see.' 'Fore' comes from Old English, where it meant 'before' or 'in advance.' 'See' is derived from the Old English word 'seon,' which means 'to perceive' or 'to look at.' When combined, 'foresee' means to perceive or look at something before it happens, in other words, to predict or anticipate an event or outcome before it occurs. The term underscores the concept of having insight or foresight into future events based on available information and analysis. 'Foresee' has been used in this sense since Middle English, reflecting the human capacity to envision and prepare for future possibilities. Its etymology emphasizes the act of looking ahead and preparing for contingencies by making informed predictions.

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Further usage examples of foresee

1. The wise mentor could foresee the potential pitfalls and guided her protégé accordingly.
2. The intuitive artist could foresee the final masterpiece even before starting the painting.
3. The analyst could foresee the impact of the new technology on the industry.
4. The planner could foresee the potential issues and developed contingency plans.
5. I foresee a bright future for our startup company.
6. It's hard to foresee the consequences of our choices.
7. Experts foresee a surge in technology advancements.
8. I foresee a successful career in your future.
9. We must foresee the needs of our customers to excel.
10. Do you foresee any obstacles in achieving your goals?
11. He can foresee trends in the stock market accurately.
12. Can you foresee any issues with this new policy?
13. I couldn't foresee the complications that arose.
14. They foresee a world where renewable energy prevails.
15. I can foresee potential breakthroughs in medicine.
16. He can foresee potential conflicts within the team.
17. She can foresee the potential for innovation in this field.
18. We need to foresee possible outcomes and plan accordingly.
19. The meteorologist can foresee weather patterns accurately.
20. I foresee a significant increase in demand for our product.
21. Can you foresee any advantages to this approach?
22. I couldn't foresee the challenges that lay ahead.



predict, overlook, ignore, disregard


Prefix fore-, Suffix -ee, Critical and Analytical, Consequences and Reactions, Wisdom and Understanding, Prediction and Foresight, Recollect and Ruminate, Forecasts and Predictions

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