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How to pronounce fortitude (audio)

Dictionary definition of fortitude

Mental strength and courage when faced with difficulty or adversity.
"The athlete showed fortitude in pushing through the pain to reach the finish line."

Detailed meaning of fortitude

It is the ability to endure difficult or trying situations with resilience and perseverance, and to maintain one's sense of purpose and resolve even in the face of hardship. Fortitude is often seen as a desirable trait, as it allows a person to remain strong and focused in difficult times, and to keep going even when faced with obstacles or setbacks. The word "fortitude" comes from the Latin "fortitudo," which means "strength" or "courage," and it is often used to describe the mental strength and resilience that allows someone to overcome adversity.

Example sentences containing fortitude

1. He showed remarkable fortitude during his divorse settlement.
2. It took great mental fortitude to overcome his serious injury.
3. She showed remarkable fortitude during that difficult period.
4. She faced the difficult situation with fortitude, determined to see it through.
5. The soldier showed great fortitude in the face of enemy fire.
6. She faced the challenge with fortitude, determined to succeed.

History and etymology of fortitude

The noun 'fortitude' has an etymology with roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'fortitudo,' which is formed from 'fortis,' meaning 'strong' or 'brave.' In its original sense, 'fortitude' encompassed the qualities of mental strength, courage, and resilience when faced with difficulty, danger, or adversity. It signified the ability to endure and persevere in challenging situations without succumbing to fear or despair. Over time, the term was adopted into English with a similar meaning, describing the inner strength and courage that individuals possess to face and overcome life's challenges. The etymology of 'fortitude' emphasizes the concept of strength and bravery in the face of adversity, highlighting the enduring and courageous nature of this quality.

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Further usage examples of fortitude

1. He was known for his fortitude in the face of difficult circumstances.
2. She faced the difficult decision with fortitude, knowing it was the right thing to do.
3. He was admired for his fortitude in standing up for what he believed in.
4. The cancer survivor showed great fortitude in her fight against the disease.
5. She faced the long journey with fortitude, determined to reach her destination.
6. He was known for his fortitude in the face of challenges at work.
7. The activist showed great fortitude in her fight for social justice.
8. It took great mental fortitude to stay positive during his confinement.
9. Her fortitude in adversity inspired many to persevere.
10. Facing daunting challenges, he displayed unwavering fortitude.
11. Fortitude empowers us to conquer life's toughest trials.
12. The arduous journey demanded unparalleled fortitude.
13. The soldier's combat fortitude earned him profound respect.
14. She exhibited remarkable fortitude throughout her illness.
15. Enduring the grueling marathon required unyielding fortitude.
16. The leader's fortitude steered the team through tumultuous times.
17. In the face of adversity, they found strength in their collective fortitude.
18. His ability to stay composed under pressure showcased his fortitude.
19. Bound together by their shared determination, their fortitude was unbreakable.
20. She deeply admired his unwavering fortitude during challenging moments.
21. Exceptional leaders possess the fortitude to weather storms.
22. Their fortitude in the aftermath of tragedy was a beacon of hope.
23. Enduring life's trials requires resilience and unshakeable fortitude.
24. Confronting uncertainty, he drew upon his inner fortitude.
25. The athlete's unparalleled fortitude propelled them to record-breaking achievements.
26. Fortitude becomes stronger when tested by adversity.
27. His courtroom fortitude left a lasting impression on many.
28. Together, they demonstrated the formidable power of collective fortitude.
29. Fortitude shines most brightly in the darkest hours of life.



resilience, weakness, frailty, cowardice


Admiration and Respect, Adversities and Complications, Fortitude and Rebellion, Devotion and Discipline, Strength and Resilience, Discipline and Resolve

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