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How to pronounce valor (audio)

Dictionary definition of valor

Great courage and bravery in the face of adversity or danger.
"He was awarded the medal of valor for his bravery in battle."

Detailed meaning of valor

It is a quality that is highly admired and respected in many cultures and is often associated with military personnel, first responders, and other individuals who put themselves at risk to protect others. Valor can manifest in many ways, such as standing up for what is right, even in the face of opposition, or risking one's own safety to save the lives of others. The term can also be used to describe acts of courage and bravery in non-violent situations such as standing up for oneself or others against injustices. Valor is often honored and celebrated in various ways, such as medals, awards, and recognition ceremonies.

Example sentences containing valor

1. The soldier's acts of valor will always be remembered.
2. The firefighter's valor saved many lives during the blaze.
3. The valor displayed by the team during the crisis was commendable.
4. The nation honored him for his valor in the face of danger.
5. She showed great valor in her efforts to save the stranded hikers.
6. The company recognized his valor with a promotion.

History and etymology of valor

The noun 'valor' finds its roots in the Latin word 'valor,' which means 'worth' or 'value.' In the context of courage and bravery, 'valor' originally denoted a person's worthiness or merit, especially in the face of adversity or danger. Over time, it came to represent the quality of exhibiting great courage and bravery in challenging or perilous situations. The evolution of the term 'valor' reflects the enduring human appreciation for acts of extraordinary bravery and the recognition of the intrinsic worthiness of individuals who display such exceptional courage.

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Further usage examples of valor

1. The valor of the first responders during the disaster was inspiring.
2. He demonstrated great valor in the face of adversity.
3. The valor of the soldiers during the war will never be forgotten.
4. He was recognized for his valor by receiving the highest military honor.
5. The valor and sacrifice of the veterans will always be honored.
6. The soldier demonstrated remarkable valor on the battlefield.
7. Her valor in the rescue mission inspired everyone.
8. The firefighters displayed unparalleled valor during the blaze.
9. His acts of valor earned him a prestigious award.
10. The tales of their valor were told for generations.
11. In the face of danger, his valor never wavered.
12. The knight's valor was celebrated throughout the kingdom.
13. The history books are filled with stories of valor.
14. Valor is often born out of challenging circumstances.
15. The medal honored his extraordinary acts of valor.
16. Her valorous efforts saved lives during the disaster.
17. The movie portrayed the hero's valor in vivid detail.
18. Soldiers are trained to embody courage and valor.
19. The nation honored their valor with a memorial.
20. His valorous sacrifice will never be forgotten.
21. The poem praised the warrior's unwavering valor.
22. Valor is a quality admired by people worldwide.
23. The heroes' valor inspired a sense of unity.
24. Stories of valor can inspire future generations.
25. Their valor shone brightly in the darkest hours.



bravery, cowardice, timidity, fearfulness


Suffix -or, SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Ambition and Drive, Fortitude and Rebellion

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