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How to pronounce vestibule (audio)

Dictionary definition of vestibule

A small entrance area or a passage leading to the main part of a building.
"The theater's vestibule had a box office and a concession stand."

Detailed meaning of vestibule

It is often used to describe a small, enclosed area located at the entrance of a building that serves as a transition space between the outside and the inside. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as providing shelter from the weather, for ticket or coat check, or for providing information or direction. A vestibule is typically a small, enclosed space that is located at the main entrance of a building, usually preceding the main hall or lobby, and often serving as a transition space between the outside and the inside of the building. It can be a simple or grand, depending on the architectural style of the building and the purpose it serves. It is often used to separate the inside of a building from the outside weather or to create a buffer zone between the public and private areas of a building. Overall, the term "vestibule" is often used to describe a small entrance area or a passage leading to the main part of a building that serves as a transition space between the outside and the inside.

Example sentences containing vestibule

1. The hotel's elegant vestibule welcomed guests with marble floors and chandeliers.
2. We waited in the vestibule for our turn to enter the grand ballroom.
3. The museum's vestibule featured a display of artifacts from different cultures.
4. The church's vestibule served as a gathering space for parishioners before and after services.
5. The theater's vestibule was abuzz with excitement as attendees awaited the show.
6. The office building's glass vestibule provided a sleek and modern entrance.

History and etymology of vestibule

The noun 'vestibule' comes from the Latin word 'vestibulum,' which originally referred to the entrance court of a Roman house or the area between the street and the main house. In ancient Rome, the vestibulum was a space where visitors would wait before entering the main residence. The term 'vestibulum' is derived from 'vestire,' meaning 'to clothe' or 'to dress,' perhaps alluding to the idea that this area was where individuals would prepare themselves before entering a home. Over time, 'vestibule' evolved in meaning and entered the English language to describe a small entrance area or passage leading to the main part of a building. Its etymology effectively captures its historical role as an intermediate space between the exterior and interior, emphasizing its function as a transitional area for individuals entering a structure.

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Further usage examples of vestibule

1. The library's vestibule showcased a rotating exhibit of local artists' work.
2. The house had a cozy vestibule with a bench and coat hooks for guests.
3. The train station's vestibule was bustling with travelers waiting for their trains.
4. The mansion's grand entrance featured a double-door vestibule with intricate carvings.
5. The restaurant's vestibule was decorated with lush plants and welcoming signage.
6. The art gallery's vestibule displayed brochures and information about upcoming exhibitions.
7. The university's academic building had a vestibule with lockers for students to store their belongings.
8. The cozy vestibule of the café had a warm atmosphere, inviting customers to linger.
9. The cathedral's vestibule had a holy water font for worshippers to use upon entering.
10. The concert hall's vestibule offered refreshments and merchandise for attendees.
11. The gym's vestibule had a bulletin board with announcements and schedules.
12. The train's vestibule allowed passengers to move between cars during the journey.
13. The old mansion's vestibule had a vintage chandelier and a grand staircase.
14. The hotel's vestibule was adorned with a festive display for the holiday season.



entryway, exterior, outside, open space


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