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How to pronounce fracas (audio)


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Dictionary definition of fracas

A noisy and violent disturbance or altercation, typically involving a group of people.
"He was involved in a fracas with security and was escorted out of the building."

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Detailed meaning of fracas

It can also refer to a heated argument or altercation between two people. The word "fracas" comes from the French word "fracasser" which means "to break or shatter."

Fracas can occur in many different settings, such as in the streets, in a public place, in a private residence, or in a workplace. They can be caused by a variety of factors, such as disagreements, disputes, or misunderstandings. They can also be caused by alcohol or drugs, or by a lack of proper communication.

Fracas can range from a minor disturbance to a major riot, and can involve physical violence or verbal abuse. They can lead to injuries, property damage, and even arrests. They can also be dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

Fracas are generally seen as negative and disruptive events, as they disrupt the peace, cause fear and anxiety, and can lead to legal problems. They are often viewed as a sign of a lack of respect for the law and for the rights of others.

Example sentences containing fracas

1. The political debate turned into a heated fracas as tempers flared.
2. The bar erupted into a fracas after a disagreement between two patrons.
3. The fracas at the soccer match resulted in several players being sent off.
4. The police arrived quickly to break up the fracas that had broken out on the street.
5. The schoolyard fracas was quickly resolved by the vigilant teachers.
6. The restaurant had to temporarily close its doors due to a violent fracas inside.

History and etymology of fracas

The noun 'fracas' has an interesting etymology with its roots in French. It is believed to have come from the Old French word 'fracasser,' which means 'to shatter' or 'to break into pieces.' In English, 'fracas' describes a noisy and violent disturbance or altercation, typically involving a group of people. The term captures the tumultuous and often chaotic nature of such events, evoking the sense of things being shattered or broken apart in the midst of a fracas. When we use the word 'fracas' today, we are invoking its French heritage to vividly portray situations of loud and disruptive confrontations, highlighting the tumult and disorder that can accompany such events.

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Further usage examples of fracas

1. The fracas in the courtroom disrupted the proceedings and led to a recess.
2. The fracas between rival gang members was a disturbing display of violence.
3. The political rally descended into a chaotic fracas when opposing groups clashed.
4. The fracas between the neighbors over a parking spot escalated into a full-blown argument.
5. The fracas between the students was a result of a longstanding feud.
6. The fracas outside the club attracted the attention of passersby.
7. The bar owner had to call security to handle the fracas that had broken out.
8. The fracas between the fans overshadowed the sporting event itself.
9. The fracas between siblings ended with both of them being grounded.
10. The video of the fracas went viral, attracting millions of views.
11. The fracas at the music festival caused panic and chaos among the attendees.
12. The fracas between the protesters and the police turned violent.
13. The school implemented stricter disciplinary measures after the recent fracas.
14. The fracas between the coworkers led to a tense work environment.



uproar, tranquility, peace, calm


Agreements and Settlements, Hurdles and Setbacks, Crisis and Opposition, Turmoil and Treachery, Emotional Extremes and Reactions, Hostility and Dispute

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