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How to pronounce rumpus (audio)


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Dictionary definition of rumpus

A noisy and boisterous commotion or disturbance, often caused by a group of people.
"The neighbors complained about the wild rumpus coming from our apartment."


Detailed meaning of rumpus

It is often used to describe a loud and rowdy party or gathering, where people are shouting, laughing and creating a lot of noise. The word can also be used to describe a commotion or disturbance caused by children, such as when they are running around and playing loudly. In literature, it can also be used as a descriptive term to create a lively and energetic atmosphere. Rumpus can also imply some sort of chaos or disorder, where people are acting wildly, without any control or restraint. It is commonly used in casual and informal settings, it can also be used in a playful or lighthearted manner. The term "rumpus room" is also sometimes used to refer to a room or space designated for play or leisure activities, such as a game room or a home gym.

Example sentences containing rumpus

1. The children's rumpus in the backyard was filled with laughter and play.
2. The late-night rumpus from the neighbors kept us awake.
3. The schoolyard echoed with the joyful rumpus of kids on the playground.
4. The family reunion turned into a cheerful rumpus of hugs and greetings.
5. The music festival was a non-stop rumpus of live performances.
6. The unexpected visitor caused a surprised rumpus at the party.

History and etymology of rumpus

The noun 'rumpus' likely has its roots in English dialects, where it emerged in the 18th century as slang. Its precise etymology remains somewhat unclear, but it's believed to have evolved from words that conveyed a sense of noise or uproar. 'Rumpus' describes a noisy and boisterous commotion or disturbance, often caused by a group of people. While the exact origin of 'rumpus' may be elusive, its colloquial and onomatopoeic quality effectively conveys the idea of a lively and uproarious uproar, often characterized by spirited and disorderly behavior. Whether used to describe a rumpus at a celebration, a rumpus in a crowd, or a rumpus during a protest, this term vividly portrays a scene of clamorous and animated commotion.

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Further usage examples of rumpus

1. The soccer match was marked by the rumpus of enthusiastic fans.
2. The courtroom's rumpus quieted down as the judge entered.
3. The comedy show had the audience in stitches with their uproarious rumpus.
4. The classroom's rumpus after the teacher left was quickly silenced.
5. The carnival's rumpus of rides and games delighted visitors.
6. The lively debate sparked a political rumpus among the audience.
7. The pets' rumpus in the living room left a mess behind.
8. The construction site's rumpus started early every morning.
9. The wedding reception was a joyful rumpus on the dance floor.
10. The locker room was filled with a pre-game rumpus before the match.
11. The marketplace buzzed with activity, creating a bustling rumpus.
12. The music store was alive with the rumpus of customers browsing.
13. The office break room turned into a noisy rumpus during lunchtime.
14. The festival's rumpus spilled into the streets, attracting crowds.
15. The theater lobby was a hub of excitement and rumpus before the show.
16. The beach picnic became a sandy rumpus of games and fun.
17. The amusement park was a rumpus of thrill rides and attractions.
18. The neighborhood party became a cheerful rumpus as friends gathered.
19. The restaurant's kitchen was a bustling rumpus of chefs at work.



uproar, peace, quiet, tranquility


Noise and Turmoil, Chaos and Disorder, Emotional Turmoil and Tension, Occasions and Occurrences, Chaos and Confusion

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