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How to pronounce freethinker (audio)


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Dictionary definition of freethinker

An individual who adopts an independent and critical approach towards conventional beliefs, established traditions, and societal norms.
"The freethinker's writings inspired a generation to question authority and think independently."

Detailed meaning of freethinker

A freethinker is someone who embraces reason, evidence, and rationality as the foundation for forming their own opinions and making decisions, rather than relying on dogma, authority, or blind faith. Freethinkers are known for their intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness, and willingness to question prevailing ideas, even if they are deeply ingrained in society. They value personal freedom and individual autonomy, seeking to break free from the constraints of conformity and explore alternative perspectives. Freethinkers often champion intellectual diversity, challenging the status quo and advocating for the pursuit of truth through unbiased examination of ideas and information.

Example sentences containing freethinker

1. The freethinker questioned societal norms and religious dogmas.
2. As a freethinker, she valued critical thinking and intellectual independence.
3. Freethinkers seek to challenge and explore ideas beyond conventional wisdom.
4. The freethinker's inquisitive mind led to deep philosophical contemplations.
5. Freethinkers advocate for the freedom of thought and expression.
6. The freethinker's beliefs were shaped by reason and evidence, rather than blind faith.

History and etymology of freethinker

The noun 'freethinker' is a term that emerged in the early 17th century and is composed of two components: 'free' and 'thinker.' The word 'free' comes from Old English 'freo,' meaning 'not in bondage' or 'not enslaved.' 'Thinker' is derived from Middle English 'thenken,' which evolved from the Old English 'þencan,' signifying 'to think' or 'to reflect.' When combined, 'freethinker' embodies the concept of an individual who adopts an independent and critical approach to conventional beliefs, established traditions, and societal norms. The term's etymology underscores the idea of intellectual freedom and the pursuit of unorthodox or unconventional ideas and perspectives.

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Further usage examples of freethinker

1. As a freethinker, he found solace in questioning and analyzing established beliefs.
2. Freethinkers often engage in intellectual debates to broaden their perspectives.
3. The freethinker's pursuit of truth transcended cultural and religious boundaries.
4. Freethinkers embrace skepticism and reject dogmatic ideologies.
5. The freethinker's bookshelf was filled with works of philosophers and critical thinkers.
6. Freethinkers appreciate the beauty of diversity in human perspectives.
7. As a freethinker, she felt liberated from societal expectations and norms.
8. Freethinkers are often regarded as pioneers of intellectual progress.
9. The freethinker's courage to challenge authority inspired others to question as well.
10. Freethinkers value open-mindedness and encourage others to think for themselves.
11. The freethinker's journey of self-discovery led to profound personal growth.
12. Freethinkers view knowledge as a dynamic and ever-evolving pursuit.
13. The freethinker's ideas sparked intellectual revolutions throughout history.
14. Freethinkers celebrate the power of independent thought in shaping a better future.



nonconformist, conformist, traditionalist, orthodox


Inventive and Inspired, Innovation and Inception, Beliefs and Principles

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