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How to pronounce frenzy (audio)

Dictionary definition of frenzy

A state of intense and uncontrollable excitement, agitation, or chaotic activity.
"The stock market experienced a buying frenzy as investors rushed to buy shares."

Detailed meaning of frenzy

It describes a condition in which individuals or a group of people are overcome by strong emotions, often leading to impulsive or irrational behavior. 'Frenzy' can manifest in various situations, such as during a frenzied shopping rush on Black Friday or in a frenzied celebration after a sports victory. It implies a heightened level of activity and excitement that may border on frenzy, sometimes causing a loss of rationality and self-control. 'Frenzy' suggests a temporary state of intense emotion or activity, often characterized by a lack of restraint and an overwhelming rush of energy, whether positive or negative, that temporarily overwhelms one's usual composure.

Example sentences containing frenzy

1. Black Friday shoppers descended into a retail frenzy, grabbing discounted goods with wild enthusiasm.
2. The unexpected announcement sent the stock market into a frenzied panic, with traders selling in haste.
3. As the music crescendoed, the crowd erupted into a euphoric dance frenzy at the music festival.
4. The news of the celebrity's visit to the small town sparked a frenzy of excitement among the residents.
5. In the midst of a bidding frenzy, the rare artwork sold for a record-breaking price at the auction.
6. The soccer stadium was a whirlwind of frenzied cheering as the home team scored the winning goal.

History and etymology of frenzy

The noun 'frenzy' traces its linguistic origins to Middle English and Old French. In Middle English, it was known as 'frenesie,' borrowed from Old French 'frenesie,' which, in turn, had its roots in the Latin word 'phrenesis.' Latin 'phrenesis' referred to a condition of mental derangement or insanity. The word 'phrenesis' came from 'phren,' meaning 'mind' or 'heart.' Over time, the meaning of 'frenzy' evolved to describe a state of intense and uncontrollable excitement, agitation, or chaotic activity, often associated with a temporary loss of rationality or self-control. This term has been used to depict moments of extreme emotional or physical intensity, reflecting the tumultuous nature of human experience.

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Further usage examples of frenzy

1. The release of the highly anticipated video game triggered a gaming frenzy among fans.
2. When the fire alarm blared, students rushed out of the school building in a frenzied evacuation.
3. A feeding frenzy among sharks ensued as they devoured the school of fish in a feeding frenzy.
4. The politician's controversial statement led to a media frenzy, with reporters clamoring for answers.
5. The aroma of freshly baked bread caused a breakfast frenzy at the neighborhood bakery.
6. The carnival's thrilling rides created a frenzy of excitement among children and adults alike.
7. As the chef prepared the dish, the kitchen was a frenzy of culinary creativity.
8. The release of the limited-edition sneakers prompted a shopping frenzy, with long lines at stores.
9. The discovery of buried treasure sparked a treasure-hunting frenzy in the coastal town.
10. The release of a new iPhone model led to a tech frenzy, with customers camping outside stores.
11. The magician's performance left the audience in a state of bewildered frenzy, applauding wildly.
12. The protest march gained momentum, turning into a frenzied demonstration for social justice.
13. A frenzied rush to escape the burning building resulted in a few injuries among panicked occupants.
14. The wild animals' frenzy at the feeding time was a spectacle for visitors at the zoo.
15. The news of the upcoming election sent the political world into a campaign frenzy.
16. The discovery of a UFO sighting led to a media frenzy, with experts and skeptics weighing in.
17. The children's birthday party turned into a sugar-fueled frenzy of games and laughter.
18. The release of the blockbuster movie created a frenzy of excitement, with fans lining up for tickets.
19. In the midst of a holiday shopping frenzy, shoppers rushed to grab last-minute gifts before closing time.



mania, calm, peace, tranquility


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