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How to pronounce tumult (audio)


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Dictionary definition of tumult

A state of uproar, chaos, or commotion characterized by loud and confused noise.
"The tumult in the market sent prices plummeting and investors into a frenzy."


Detailed meaning of tumult

It denotes a situation or event marked by disorder, turbulence, and agitation. Tumult can emerge from various sources such as protests, riots, conflicts, or sudden and unexpected disturbances. It typically involves a high level of noise, rapid movement, and a lack of order or control. Tumultuous situations often evoke feelings of confusion, fear, or unease among those involved or affected. The word "tumult" can also be used metaphorically to describe emotional or mental turmoil, indicating a state of inner disturbance or unrest. Resolving tumultuous situations often requires effective communication, negotiation, or intervention to restore calm and stability.

Example sentences containing tumult

1. The city was in a state of tumult after the unexpected news broke.
2. Despite the tumult surrounding her, she remained focused and determined.
3. The tumult of the busy market was overwhelming to him, preferring quieter places.
4. After the earthquake, it took days to quiet the tumult and start the recovery.
5. The tumult of the carnival was both exciting and chaotic.
6. His mind was a tumult of thoughts, spinning endlessly without resolution.

History and etymology of tumult

The noun 'tumult' finds its linguistic roots in the Latin word 'tumultus.' This Latin term was inherited from the earlier word 'tumor,' meaning 'swelling' or 'commotion.' Over time, 'tumultus' came to signify a state of uproar, chaos, or commotion characterized by loud and confused noise. As languages evolved, 'tumult' made its way into Middle English, retaining its essence as a word to describe disorderly and noisy disturbances. Today, 'tumult' continues to encapsulate the concept of tumultuous events or situations marked by a tumultuous uproar, reflecting its historical origins in the Latin language.

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Further usage examples of tumult

1. During the concert, the crowd's tumult seemed to fuel the band's performance.
2. The tumult in the streets signaled a sudden shift in the public's sentiment.
3. As the winning goal was scored, the stadium erupted into tumult.
4. The national election brought a tumult of opinions and heated debates.
5. In the quiet of the library, the tumult of her thoughts seemed louder.
6. Her arrival sparked a tumult of whispers and hushed conversations.
7. Amid the tumult of war, their love story unfolded.
8. The courtroom was thrown into tumult when the surprise witness was revealed.
9. The tumult of the sea during the storm made for a dangerous voyage.
10. The speech stirred up a tumult of emotions in the audience.
11. His art perfectly captured the tumult and vibrancy of city life.
12. The corporate world was not for her; she craved a life free from its constant tumult.
13. In the tumult of the celebration, he lost track of his friends.
14. The tumult in her heart was as loud as the thunderous applause around her.
15. The crowd erupted into tumult as the announcement was made.
16. The tumult of voices made it difficult to hear the speaker.
17. The political rally turned into a scene of tumult as clashes broke out between supporters and protestors.
18. The sudden storm caused tumult in the streets, with people rushing for cover.
19. The news of the scandal created a tumult in the media, with headlines dominating every outlet.
20. The classroom descended into tumult as students argued over the controversial topic.
21. The concert ended in tumult as fans rushed the stage to get closer to the band.
22. The tumult of emotions overwhelmed her as she received the surprising news.
23. The tumult of the construction site made it impossible to concentrate on work.
24. The arrival of the celebrity caused a tumult of excitement among the fans waiting outside.
25. The tumult in the courtroom subsided as the judge restored order and asked for silence.


chaos, calm, peace, tranquility


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