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How to pronounce frolic (audio)


Dictionary definition of frolic

To play or romp in a lively and joyful manner, often without any specific purpose or goal.
"The children frolic in the park, giggling and chasing each other."

Detailed meaning of frolic

When someone frolics, they are typically engaging in carefree and exuberant behavior, such as jumping, skipping, or dancing. The term has a connotation of playfulness and whimsy, and is often associated with children, animals, or natural settings. For example, a group of children might frolic in a park, chasing each other, throwing a ball around, or splashing in a nearby stream. Similarly, dogs might frolic in a meadow, running after each other and playfully wrestling. The term is also used in more abstract or metaphorical contexts, such as when a writer might describe characters frolicking through a scene in a novel or movie. In general, the verb 'frolic' implies a sense of enjoyment and lightheartedness, and is often used to describe activities that are undertaken purely for the sake of fun and pleasure.

Example sentences containing frolic

1. The puppies frolic in the grass, wagging their tails with joy.
2. The waves frolic along the shoreline, dancing with the sand.
3. Birds frolic in the sky, soaring and diving with grace.
4. The butterflies frolic among the flowers, spreading beauty with their delicate wings.
5. The kittens frolic with a ball of yarn, pouncing and playing in delight.
6. Friends frolic in the meadow, laughing and rolling down the hill.

History and etymology of frolic

The verb 'frolic' derives its etymology from the Middle Dutch word 'vrolijk,' which means 'merry' or 'joyful.' This Middle Dutch term, in turn, finds its roots in the Old French word 'frolic,' which conveys a sense of gaiety and merriment. Over time, the word 'frolic' evolved in the English language to describe the act of playing or romping in a lively and joyful manner, often without any specific purpose or goal. Its etymological lineage reflects the inherent sense of happiness and carefree delight associated with this spirited and exuberant activity.

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Further usage examples of frolic

1. The dolphins frolic in the ocean, leaping and splashing in pure bliss.
2. Lovers frolic on the beach, holding hands and enjoying the sunset.
3. The wind frolics through the trees, rustling the leaves in a playful dance.
4. Children frolic in the sprinklers, squealing with delight as water sprays everywhere.
5. The horses frolic in the pasture, running freely and kicking up their heels.
6. The squirrels frolic in the trees, scampering and chasing each other.
7. The dancers frolic on the stage, twirling and spinning in perfect harmony.
8. The puppies frolic in the snow, bounding and digging with endless energy.
9. The deer frolic in the meadow, gracefully leaping over tall grasses.
10. The kittens frolic around their mother, pawing and batting at her tail.
11. The fairies frolic in the moonlight, shimmering and floating through the air.
12. Children frolic in the playground, climbing, sliding, and swinging with enthusiasm.
13. The otters frolic in the river, sliding down the banks and playing games with pebbles.
14. Children frolic in the sun-drenched meadow, laughter filling the air.
15. Puppies frolic around the garden, tails wagging with pure delight.
16. The waves invite us to frolic in their embrace, a dance of nature's beauty.
17. As the snow falls, friends frolic in a winter wonderland, making memories.
18. In the park, couples frolic hand in hand, love sparking in their eyes.
19. The kittens frolic in a tangled yarn mess, a playful scene of chaos.
20. Athletes frolic on the beach, the sand their playground for a day.
21. Fairies frolic in the moonlit forest, their laughter enchanting the night.
22. Frolicsome otters slide down the riverbank, pure joy in their every movement.
23. The carnival lights beckon us to frolic amidst the rides and games.
24. Stars above, we frolic under the open sky, lost in the magic of the moment.

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