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How to pronounce gangster (audio)


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Dictionary definition of gangster

An individual, typically associated with organized crime, who engages in illicit and often violent activities for personal gain or as a member of a criminal organization.
"The police launched a massive operation to bring down the notorious gangster."

Detailed meaning of gangster

Often characterized by their involvement in illegal activities such as extortion, drug trafficking, robbery, and murder, gangsters operate outside the boundaries of the law. They often exhibit a strong sense of loyalty and operate within a hierarchical structure, where leaders hold significant power and influence over their subordinates. Gangsters are known for their ruthlessness, cunning, and willingness to use intimidation and violence to achieve their objectives. The term "gangster" has been popularized through various forms of media, including movies and literature, further establishing its association with a distinct subculture within the criminal underworld.

Example sentences containing gangster

1. The gangster walked into the dimly lit room, exuding an aura of menace.
2. In the era of prohibition, gangsters thrived by running illegal speakeasies.
3. The gangster's reputation for violence and ruthlessness preceded him wherever he went.
4. The young man idolized gangsters from the movies and dreamed of a life of power and wealth.
5. The gangster's lavish lifestyle was funded by his illegal activities and underworld connections.
6. Despite his outward appearance, the gangster possessed a sharp intellect and a strategic mind.

History and etymology of gangster

The noun 'gangster' has its etymological roots in the American English slang of the early 20th century. It is derived from the word 'gang,' which originally referred to a group of criminals or hoodlums involved in organized criminal activities. The suffix '-ster' was added to 'gang,' creating 'gangster' to describe an individual, typically associated with organized crime, who engages in illicit and often violent activities for personal gain or as a member of a criminal organization. The term gained widespread usage during the Prohibition era in the United States when criminal organizations, such as the infamous Mafia, became prominent. 'Gangster' has since become a commonly recognized term for individuals involved in organized crime, and its etymology reflects its historical association with this shadowy and often violent underworld.

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Further usage examples of gangster

1. The rival gangsters engaged in a fierce turf war, resulting in multiple casualties.
2. The police informant risked his life to gather evidence against the powerful gangster syndicate.
3. The gangster's empire crumbled when key members of his organization turned against him.
4. The gangster boss sat in his opulent mansion, surrounded by loyal henchmen.
5. The media sensationalized the capture of the infamous gangster, capturing the public's attention.
6. The notorious gangster evaded capture by police, leaving the community in constant fear.
7. In the film, the actor portrays a 1920s gangster who rises to power through bootlegging.
8. The gangster's life of crime came to an abrupt end when he was caught in a police sting.
9. Despite his ruthless reputation, the gangster donated money to local charities discreetly.
10. Living a double life, the gangster also tried to be a good father to his young daughter.
11. The detective spent years gathering evidence to bring down the elusive gangster.
12. Her novel offered a nuanced portrayal of a gangster who questioned his own morality.
13. The gangster's empire collapsed when his closest associates turned state's evidence.
14. A young gangster struggles with loyalty and ambition in the gritty underworld drama.
15. The gangster operated international smuggling routes, evading law enforcement agencies.
16. Journalists risked their lives to expose the corrupt ties between politicians and gangsters.
17. The gangster invested in legitimate businesses, making it hard to seize his assets.
18. Surprisingly, the elderly man was revealed to be a former gangster in a shocking exposé.
19. The gangster was finally caught when a rival tipped off the police about a secret meeting.
20. The police force established a special unit dedicated solely to combating gangster activity.
21. In the eyes of the law, a gangster is often indistinguishable from a common street criminal.
22. The young recruit had to prove his loyalty to become a full-fledged member of the gangster crew.
23. The gangster's lavish lifestyle included high-end cars, luxury apartments, and designer clothes.
24. As an informer within the gangster organization, she lived every day in fear of exposure.
25. Behind his charming demeanor, the gangster was a calculating and dangerous criminal mastermind.



criminal, law-abider, officer, lawman


Boundaries and Limits, Fear and Ferocity, Hostility and Brutality, Crime and Lawlessness

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